How to Make Covered Hair Clips with Bows

June 11, 2010 by T M Testerman  
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I just started making these adorable hair clips for my little girls. I hope this helps inspire you to do the same.

Well, as most parents these days, I often find that I have to improvise to give my kids frivolous and adorable extras. One solution I’ve found is making things, for a fraction of a cost, rather than buying. I researched online and complied the things which made the most sense to me.

Here are step by step instructions covering how I make little girl hair clips with bows.

The supplies

You will need: An alligator hair clip, a pair of scissors (to cut the ribbon) 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon (7 inches, 3 inches and 1-3/8 inches), and adhesive. I use either the E-6000 shown here, or a glue gun.

Step One

Line the inside of the bottom prongs with glue and attach the ribbon as shown.

Step Two

Continue wrapping the ribbon around the outside of the bottom prongs.

Step Three

Wrap the ribbon inside the grip area and down the length of the top prongs.

Step Four

Wrap into the inside of the top prongs, completing the covering of the clip itself.

Step Five

Using a clamp of some sort (In this case I used additional alligator clips, but paperclips work as well) clamp where the ribbon begins and ends while the glue dries.

Step Six (None of the pictures were sharp, so I’ve combined them)

Create a circle using the 3 inch ribbon. Flatten in order to create a bow shape. Place a dot of glue over the seam and attach one end of the1-3/8 inch Ribbon. Wrap around the bow as shown. Use another dot of glue to secure the end of the ribbon.

Step Seven

Clamp the ribbon allowing the glue to dry.

Step Eight

Once dry, attach the bow to the covered clip using glue. I like to put the glue on the bow then position over the clip, but that’s personal preference.

Step Nine

Again, Clamp the bow to the clip, allowing the glue to dry.

Here is the finished product. I think they’re adorable, and since you can order 50 clips for 4-5 dollars online, and ribbon is available in every hobby store, craft store, and general store for just dollars… it just makes sense.

Note: I found that it was easier with wire edged ribbon, because it held its shape while I juggled the glue.

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