How to Make a Crown Braid

August 1, 2010 by L M Parsons  
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Step by step instructions to form a crown braid around someone’s head using a lace braid rather than a French braid.


Long hair is very beautiful on small children, but it can also get easily tangled and fall into their food. After my daughter’s hair grew long enough to get into her eyes, I began trying different ways to keep it out of her face.  Her hair is very thin and straight and slippery so elastic hair bands and berets do not stay in.  I found that braids generally last all day and keep the hair off her sweaty neck on hot days. My favorite braid is the crown braid because it looks good and if braided tightly, the braid will stay intact overnight and in the pool the next day.  You can use the classic French braid technique (add hair from both sides of the braid) or a Lace braid (add hair from only one side of the braid).  I find it easier to use the Lace braid on my daughter’s thin hair. The crown braid described here differs from others described on the Internet because it starts at the forehead rather than behind the ear, so there is no need to ask your child to put her head upside down while you braid.

Things You’ll Need

Brush or comb

rubber band or hair band

Hair clips or bobby pins

Distraction for child (colors, crafts, TV)

Step 1:

Brush the hair to remove all tangles.

Step 2:

Part the hair on top of the head either down the middle or to one side.

Step 3:

With the forehead as one side and the part as another, select a triangle of hair about three inches on each side and separate into three pieces.

Step 4:

Cross the right strand over the middle then the left strand over the middle and repeat.  The next time you take a strand from the hairline side, grab an extra piece of hair as you would a French braid.


Step 5:

 Continue around the head, adding hair only from the hairline side. Be careful to take pieces directly under where you are braiding and not ahead. For thicker hair, you may need to add hair from both sides to form a French braid.


Step 6:

After adding the last piece of hair, continue braiding to the end and finish off with a hair band.  You can either wrap this piece over the top to meet where you began, or twist it to form a pattern, or fold it back along the braid you just made.  Use hair clips or bobby pins to hold it in place.


Make sure the child is sitting on a tall stool or where their entire head is easily accessible.

Have all your supplies within reach before you begin.

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  1. Punatik Says:

    Forget about the part totally, start right behind the ear and go over the head instead of around back. That way the thick braid is on the top of the head and not the thin, raggy end. It would look much better.

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