How to Look Like a Victoria’s Secret Model

December 2, 2010 by Jennifer Belleau  
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Victoria’s Secret models have a very sexy style…here is how to bring a little bit of that into your life!

Of course, most of us don’t actually look like Victoria’s Secret models–there’s even been a joke that Victoria’s Secret models don’t look like themselves!  With padded bras, airbrushing, and photoshopping, it’s hard to tell what a celebrity “really” looks like.  However, some things the Victoria’s Secret models do are pretty obvious and can help us to achieve a very sexy look.

Shimmery blush/bronzer- Intsead of a matte blush or bronzer, try some shimmer.  It will illuminate your cheekbones and give you a more youthful, radiant glow.  Unfortunately, shimmer tends to accentuate large pores, so be warned if that’s your skin type.

Highlighting the inner corner of the eyes- Highlighting your inner corners with shimmery white or cream eye shadow can make your eyes pop and look farther apart.  Especially good if your eyes are close together.

Highlights in the lower section of the hair- Victoria’s Secret models don’t have platinum bleach-blonde hair, but they don’t have all-over brown hair either (well, some do have brown hair…but most have some type of highlights).  Consider getting highlights only on the lower section of your hair.  Less upkeep, and it gives you a sexy beachy look.

Tousled hair- Don’t worry about making your hair look “neat”.  Think about using a mousse-leave in conditioner for wavy hair (I like Aussie Catch the Wave mousse) and sleep in a bun overnight.  In the morning you’ll have soft and casual waves that don’t look “done”

A slight tan- Now, don’t go overboard.  As you can see, not all Victoria’s Secret models have tan skin.  But if you are extremely pale you could benefit from a slight glow, just to warm up your complexion.  No need to hit the tanning bed, just try out a subtle moisturizer with self tanner.

Push up bras- Most Victoria’s Secret models actually have small breasts.  After all, they’re very thin and it’s hard to have large breasts when you’re small everywhere else.  They fake it with pushup bras, especially the new Miraculous bra that adds 2 cup sizes.

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