How to Keep a Black Hair Shining

March 20, 2011 by voodoobrb  
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How to keep a black hair shining.

If you have black hair and shiny will have to be very atentaa with dark hair because it needs more care than any other type of hair. Here are some tips to always keep shining:

                                                           Cum sa pastrezi stralucirea parului brunet

* Wrap your hair with a cloth or a scarf every night, so that, during sleep, not incalceasca hair. If hair is not incalceste night will be much easier brushed and dressed in the morning – which means lower chance of breaking with the brush or comb.

* If you sleep on a pillow that wrapped in a satin bag to help stay hair free and scattered. When sleeping on a pillow made of cotton or polyester fabric always rub the hair, which may lead breakage.

* Even if you shower every day, do not wash your hair more than once a week. When washing hair’s natural oils are removed and remain dry and brittle hair.

* Use care products specially designed for black hair. Fabric treatments are recommended and oils, as they will hydrate your hair and it will protect against changes in temperature.

* Use a balm that you can use it daily and do not have to wash your head either before or after you use it.

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