How to Hide Gray Hair

January 12, 2011 by Jody Morse  
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Gray hair can be an embarrassing beauty problem for some reason. Here are some tips on how to keep your gray hair hidden.

Gray hair can be a very embarrassing problem, especially for women who are going through premature graying. That said, most women – and some men – do not want to look any older than they really are. If you have recently begun to develop gray hairs, you may be wondering how you can hide the problem before it becomes too visible. Here are some tips on how to hide gray hair.

Add Blonde Highlights to the Hair

Blonde highlights can be a good way to hide the problem as your hair first begins to turn gray. The reason is because it can be hard to tell the difference between a few gray hairs and blonde highlights. It is ideal to ask your hair stylist for “natural” blonde highlights if you want them to better hide the gray hairs. Lowlights can be an ideal option for women who have darker shades of hair and want get away with a natural-looking hair color, while still blending their color in with some of the gray.

Begin Coloring to Hide Gray Hairs

Another option is to consider dyeing the hair to hide grays. For women who are worried about highlights not doing the trick or women who have lots of noticeable gray hairs, this can be an ideal option. It is often said that gray hair is color resistant, which means that certain colors may not take very well. If you are trying to hide your gray hairs, it is recommended that you opt for a hair color which is two to three shades lighter than your natural hair color. To keep your gray hairs covered and also stay close to your natural hair color, it can be ideal to consider adding both highlights and a base color.

Consider Keeping Your Hair Shorter

There are some advantages to having short hair if you are trying to cover gray. You will frequently be cutting off the dead ends, which means that the gray will not peek through if the shade of your dye color begins to shade. Having short hair will also be a reminder that you need to have your hair done more frequently, which means that you don’t need to worry about forgetting that your roots need to be retouched. That said, there are many products on the market to retouch roots instantly to keep your gray covered until your next hair appointment or dye session.

Although gray hair can be very embarrassing, it is a problem that all women and men will go through at some point during their lifetime. If you want to keep your gray hairs colored, you will need to dye or highlight the hair, however.  

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