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January 13, 2012 by ravi76xy  
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Long beautiful hair is an undisputed sign of health and beauty. Having long hair feels great and looks great on almost every man and woman. But getting the hair to grow long and healthy is quite a challenge. I will be honest with you from the start: Not everyone can grow their hair as long as they want. However there are also many people who think they can’t grow long hair but actually could if they put enough effort into it and kept to a couple of basic tips and tricks. health and beauty.

I know you’ve probably seen and heard all the tips and advice to grow your hair long but I’ll bet you that I have some that you haven’t seen anywhere else yet. There are some myths that everybody will tell you, even professional stylists, and I’ll tell you why they’re wrong. Read on to see what I mean.
Basic facts about hair and hair growth

This section is just to set the ground for the rest so you can skip it if you know this already:
health and beauty
    * We have averagely 100 000 hairs on our heads. This can vary considerably
    * Each hair grows about half an inch per month.
    * The hair itself is made of dead protein cells.
    * Everybody’s hair has a so called terminal length – which is the longest it can possibly grow no matter how well you care for it. This varies greatly from person to person and is typically much longer for women than it is for men. health and beauty
    * Hair growth is influenced by genes, diet, illnesses, toxins, hormones and indirectly also haircare.

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