How to Grow Healthy Permed African Hair?

December 17, 2010 by VeehCirra  
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Guidelines on how to grow healthy permed African hair, through all its phases.

African hair is generally very brittle and fragile, it tends to break easily especially when it is not taken care of well. Generally a perm gets to have growth after 3 months, then it needs a retouch, if one forgets to retouch their hair after this duration of time has passed, then they are risking serious damage to their roots, hair starts to break and thin dramatically. On the other hand, it is not wise at all to comb hair, or in have it out for three months, this makes the hair thin, due to the continuous brushing, and thus hair should go through stages whereby it is at rest, this can be through plaiting, weaving, having a wig and so on.

The following are guidelines one should take in order to have healthy permed African hair;

1.       1st month

This is after you have had a freshly done perm. During this month it is very important to ensure that your hair is moisturized and conditioned well. Ensure you apply a deep conditioner as you retire to bed, and cover the hair with a silk scarf. For those who do not want to cover their hair, then they should use silk pillowcases. At night as you sleep you tend to toss and turn, silk will ensure that your hair does not break in the process. Also, it advisably to minimize on the combing, if you have to brush your hair let the hair brush have wide teeth, this will minimize on the breakage. Never tie your hair tightly on a ponytail, this tends to pull the hairs on the hair line. Most importantly, treat your hair every week, apply with a deep conditioner, and ensure that your hair is always moisturized. The products you use should not contain petrolatum and mineral oil.

NOTE: Trim your split ends a week after a fresh perm; it is at this time that the split ends are clearly visible.

2.       2nd Month

Permed African hair starts getting growth at this period. It is not advisable to comb through it, since hair is likely to break.  The best thing to do is to braid, weave or wear a wig. This gives the hair a much needed break. Most ladies like to weave the whole year round, yet that should not be the case. The hair should rest and also breathe! In order to ensure that hair does not break during this period, don’t allow your braids and weave to be done so tightly. It should be done in moderation, also do not over stay with the weave and braids. One month should be enough to let the hair rest, do not over do it. Too much of everything is really dangerous.

3.       3rd Month

The growth accumulated at this period by now in the permed African hair should be massive. When it is left out, the hair looks really funky, like almost natural hair. Do not wear it like this for too long. Braiding, weaving or wearing a wig should be done. Never forget to moisturize. Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise! As the 3rd month comes to an end, do not forget to have a retouch, and go through the process again.

By following these guidelines, you are due to have a head full of healthy African permed hair. Love your hair, and treat it right, and watch it grow.

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