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August 6, 2013 by VernonEElwell  
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Find ways you can do that you have a hair color that suits your desires.

Really disappointed it feels when walking out of the salon, hair color glancing reflection in shop windows, and thinking, “This is NOT what I want!” And if you have spent money and time are not the least, you’ll even feel like a victim of the massacre more hair.

But, you can get a nice color again – even in a short time. Here are the things that must be done to obtain perfect results.

Approach the owner of the hair color you want

Notice friend or co-worker who has a beautiful hair color that you like. Approach the person you do not know in the shopping center. Ask who their hair and whether they are willing to recommend people who dye his hair. This tactic is better than, say, searching the phonebook or select experts based on the close proximity of hair dye. Great color deserves to be sought.

Reveal what you want

Next, find the hair dye experts who are willing to listen and discuss before starting the coloring process. Any good dye expert would have been willing to set aside sufficient time to consult with you at the initial appointment before mixing variegated dye bottle and play with your hair. If you feel hairdresser haste or not listening to you, do not hesitate to terminate the appointment.

Do the research

Bring photos to be used as guidance for hairdressers. Do not be afraid to take some photos so you have a variety of shades and styles to be explored, and do not be embarrassed to bring a picture of yourself if you previously had the color and wanted to get it back. You should be able to show and tell hair dye expert about what you want and you do not want. Convey to detail. You want hair brown, not chestnut, for example. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want – and do not say what you want.

Ask for feedback

Ask your hairdresser to come clean if he considers the color you want to beautify your hair color and style. If he does not agree, listen and consider the feedback carefully. Whether of words, he implies that a certain color will actually memperjelek or make you look older? Because his opinion may have a point. Or is he saying that you should not use certain colors or shades of colors because it’s not a look she likes? Because the task is to provide expert hair dye color that you want, not what he wanted.

Keep communicating

The most important thing here is not the formula used hair dye experts. The important thing is communication, which is the basis of any good relationship. And in this case, you are in a three-way relationship with expert hair color and a new hair color. If it turns out after expressing desire in great detail, you still do not get the desired hair color, do not hesitate to go back and ask the right color. Expert hair dye to know that you are like a walking advertisement for her work and she wants you to walk out of the salon with a hair color that shows his skills and, of course, make you look and feel beautiful.

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