How to Get Sexy Hair

March 25, 2013 by clairelouise  
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How to get sexy hair.

Sexy hair means different things to different people, but sexy hair is shiny, touchable and despite what many people think, not immaculate. People don’t want to touch immaculate hair because they fear they will mess it up! Sexy hair can be created in a few easy steps.

No matter what sexy hair means to you, it should always be healthy so remember to use conditioner and minimise the use of heat styling products.

Stylish waves in long hair give it a glamorous and sexy look without being too done/. Use large heated or velcro rollers to create starlet style waves.

Short hair should always be in good condition, funky spikes add a touch of individuality and style to short hair.

Mid length hair is trickier as the options are more limited, But a healthy shine and body will make it look sexy.

They key to sexy hair is healthy hair, maintain your healthy hair with regular visits to the salon to keep it looking great.

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