How to Get Rid of Permanent Black Hair Dye

June 7, 2010 by Shonda Lynn  
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Ways to remove unwanted black hair dye.

So you dyed your hair black and now you can’t get it out? Oh no! You’re going to have to pull a Britney and shave it all off!

 Just kidding! I’ve been in the same situation and I’m going to share with you all the tips and secrets on how to get that black out.

Before you attempt to remove the black, please make sure your hair is one color. Do not have blond or brown roots and then start your dye removing process. If your roots are growing out, dye your roots black and allow your hair a week for the color to settle. Do not dye all of your hair again. Dye only the roots. After the week you can start removing the black.

Ok, so the first, and most obvious option is to go to a salon and have a color reversal. What they will do is lift the black out, then redye your hair to a color similar to your natural color. This can be expensive, especially if your hair is thick and/or long. Also, it may not even work and can cause substantial damage to your hair or you may have unwanted results (like green hair). You would really need an experienced hair dresser with advanced skills in hair dying. Going to a salon will take all the hassle out of your hands, and it is very possible it may work, BUT, I do recommend trying my other suggestions first. It will save you money, but if money is no concern, you might wanna just give this a try.

Your second option would be to wash your hair with extra strenth Head N Shoulders dandruff shampoo. It has a tendency to strip color. This will not happen in one wash. You must use it for a few days and the color will begin to fade out. This is more effective if you dyed your hair very recently. If you have been dying your hair for months or years, it may not work at all, but it’s worth a shot!

Third option is to wash your hair with Dawn dish soap. This also strips color from hair. It will take several washes to remove the dye.

The fourth option is to use hydrogen peroxide. Yes, I mean the peroxide that you use for cuts and scrapes in the brown bottle. Make sure it is at least 3% hydrogen peroxide. What you wanna do first is a strand test. Get a brand new spray bottle and fill it with the peroxide. Spray about 30 strands of hair and wait 30 to 45 minutes. Go check your hair and see if you like the color. If it is too dark still, add more peroxide and leave on a little longer until you reach your desired hair color. If it works, spray your whole head and leave on until you reach the color you like. Sunlight will make the peroxide work faster and better. You can soak a towel in peroxide and wrap your hair in it and sit outside for a while. That would work well.

The last, and best option, that will DEFINITELY work is ColorOops. You can buy this at CVS and Walgreens and costs around $12. Follow the instructions and it will work. This is the only thing that got my black out. It may be necessary to use Color Oops twice. Make sure you read the directions and follow the instructions very carefully. I suggest blow drying your hair while it is in your hair. Heat is very essential for this to work. After you wash it out, your hair will not be black and you can then re dye your hair to the color you want.

All of these methods can remove the black hair dye from your hair. For me, personally, NOTHING worked but the ColorOops. Going to the salon killed my hair and cost me over $100 and my hair was green the next day. Head and Shoulders and Dawn did nothing and neither did the peroxide. ColorOops was the only thing that worked. It will work for you. Please remember that it is necessary to wash your hair with a deep conditioner after dying it. What does it matter if you get the black out if you have no hair cause you fried it all, right?

I hope this helps. I wish you the best of luck!

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