How to Get Beautiful Silky Hair

July 12, 2012 by riyauro  
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How to get beautiful hair.

How to get beautiful hair

Due to the pollution and hard water that is supplied in the cities, our hair tends to become rough and life less. It is true that a girls beauty is hidden in her hair. So if you have long rough hair, it is time that y ou treat your hair. Go for a hair spa or do it at home. It is very easy to do it yourself at home.  The following points throw a lime light on how to get beautiful silky hair:

- mix egg white and 1 lime 

- apply on your hair and leave for at least one  hour for better effect.

- then wash with shampoo and conditioner.

- let it dry naturally if possible, the heat of blow dryer makes hair rough.

You will see the difference instantly, but you must repeat this at least twice a month.  

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