How to Create Dreadlocks

March 12, 2008 by Cara Boynton  
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Dreadlocks are not difficult to create, but they do take time and patience.

How to Create Dreadlocks

If you are one of the 36 million people who tune into American Idol, you have seen Jason Castro, the contestant from Texas, who has the dreadlocks.

There are two different ways to achieve the look. One is permanent and the other temporary. The only difference in the two is the product you use, the method is the same.

Permanent dreadlocks using beeswax

  • Shampoo and dry hair
  • After hair is thoroughly dry, separate you hair into sections using pony tail holders
  • The size of dreads is up to you. Standard dreads are one inch.
  • Begin from the back of your head. Take one section of hair and apply beeswax. (this will be permanent)
  • Take the section of hair, what ever size you chose, and twist the section between your palms, starting about 3 inches from the scalp
  • Keep twisting the strand all the way down to the end of the hair
  • Take the section you just twisted and with a fine tooth comb tease the hair from the root to the end by sliding the comb against the hair (against the hair growth)
  • Continue the process until entire head is complete
  • If you want temporary dreads, use gel instead of beeswax

It’s important to remember if you choose the permanent dreads the only way to remove them is to cut them out. Temporary ones will be easier to remove.

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One Response to “How to Create Dreadlocks”
  1. bob Says:

    You will need:

    * hair straighteners
    * hair spray
    Take a piece of hair and twist it around into an even roll. Hold the end and with a straightening iron apply heat to the length of the twist avoiding fingers! Remove heat and continue to hold for a few seconds while the hair cools. Let go and the hair should remain twisted. It works best with thin sections of hair. Repeat until all of your hair is twisted and fixed with heat. Apply hair spray all over your hair (keep away from straighteners) to fix. You can tidy up the ends with some gel if they become unraveled.

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