Homemade Conditioner for your Hair

October 11, 2006 by Jejeizahfaye  
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Easy, homemade conditioners.

Kitchen-based treatments for shiny, healthy-looking hair are cheap, easy, and fun to use.

Find the right one for you and try it after shampooing (leave in for 5 minutes).

Repeat every few weeks or as needed.

Lemon juice or vinegar

It removes build up from hair products

Best for dirty, oily, or frequently conditioned hair

Pour 1 cup through hair; rinse; then use your regular conditioner

Overuse can strip natural oils, damaging hair. Do not use everyday, or on treated hair. Left on, it will lighten hair in the sun


Adds body and shine

For fine, limp hair, but also good for all types of hair

Pour 1 can onto hair; rinse. Condition if hair is dry.

Beer must be fresh, not flat. Safe to use everyday

Egg yolks

Adds shine; conditions slightly

For dry, dull hair

Massage 2 yolks into hair; rinse. No additional conditioner needed

Wash out with next shampoo. May make fine hair a bit oily.


Adds shine; deeply moisturizes

For very dry, dull hair

Massage 2 tablespoons into hair; rinse. No additional conditioner needed

For very dry hair only. Could leave normal hair looking greasy for days.

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24 Responses to “Homemade Conditioner for your Hair”
  1. Michelle Parker Says:

    An interesting idea.

  2. Kimberly Bell Says:

    I tried the mayonnaise and egg with olive oil. It made my hair coarser than ever. It took me over 10 minutes to comb all the tangles out of my hair. I don’t know what the problem was. The minute I put the mayo on my hair I could tell this was not going to work. What happened?

  3. pooja Says:

    for shine and healthy hear

  4. Georgia Says:


    I am doing a science fair for school, and I want to create my own conditioner. I want the conditioner to make your hair smooth and silky, not hard to brush after your shower or bath, not bad for your hair and cheaper than the ones you buy in the super market?

  5. cassie Says:

    it makes your hair coarser wen its wet
    but wen its drie it has shine and luster

  6. Estelle Says:

    I have naturally dry and curly hair. I have tried the vinegar tip before and thinking of it now, it really removed buildup from my hair and moreover it added shine to it. I think that I’ll resume to this as from now.I have also tried the lemon tip but my hair was drier.

    As for the beer tip, I’ll try it.

  7. Janet Says:

    Do any of these recipes for your hair make your hair stink really bad?

  8. Nonny Says:

    #2,if you use fake-mayonnaise (miraclewhip, salad dressing) it can dry your hair out. Could that be the problem?

  9. Nicole Says:

    i have really think and dry hair and i heard of adding alvacado to the mayonaise tip will it work? will it make my hair stink?

  10. Natasha Says:

    Soy mayo works only since egg and dairy mayo is full of toxins. Beer and eggs doesn’t work either since it full of toxins. Animal products are cruel anyway since I have something called compassion. People need to look it up. Vinegar and lemon is great. I use it 4 times a month.

  11. Soniya Says:

    I have tried egg yolk to my hair it really work’s. One can also go for fresh aelo-vera gel to the hair, it will give bounce and shine to hair.

  12. Andrea Says:

    Egg yolk works wonderfully for shine, doesn’t do much to condition though.

  13. chelle Says:

    does anyone know a recipe to make a homemade version of wen hair
    conditioner. I LOVE IT! But, I can’t afford to keep buying it!

  14. Alexi Says:

    Natasha, please stop misleading people with your agenda. If you have facts and sources to back up your claims then fine, but don’t go spewing false or unverified information just because you are offended by the use of animal products. Eggs have sulfur, and sulfur actually helps to remove toxins so I don’t know how you can say that the egg is full of toxins when I know that is not the case, therefore I discredit your entire post. You need to look it up. Furthermore, for someone who claims to be compassionate, you sure do not hesitate to belittle others who do not hold your views.

  15. Kim Says:

    Thanks for steppin up Alexi #14, and jeez Natasha regarding toxins, did you know that some studies say soy products cause breast cancer, google it! So step off your high horse for god’s sake, this is a hair forum… speakin of, my hair is dry, frizzy and processed. I found a ratio of 3/4 honey & 1/4 olive oil mixed and applied after shampooing work really well, especially if you put a shower cap over that and sleep with it. adding tea tree oil or essential oil helps with the smell of anything except mayo, which did nothing anyway for my hair.

  16. danyelle Says:

    Speaking of olive oil and honey! I did that last nite and I slept with a shower cap and scarf (to keep my head somewhat heated). I’m about to wash it out now. This mixture works great! It leaves your hair extremely soft and its aids in maintaining friz.

  17. Nicole Says:

    I’ve done the mayo and when I saturated my hair with it, it was a tangled stinky mess. However once I shampoo’d the mayo out my hair was soft and shiney.

  18. Brandy Says:

    Ick natasha, your post left me feeling grimey.

    There is nothing worse anyone can do for their cause than spreading false or misleading information.
    When you get caught, and you will get caught, it makes you completely untrustworthy, and makes any good intentions you (hopefully) might have had become completely cancled out because of your high and mighty arrogance and bully behavior. At least I hope your intention was to spread the message that treating animals with cruelty is wrong, and not that you were just trying to put anyone who doesn’t agree with your point of veiw down by trying to make them seem to be heartless evil monsters who don’t give a crap about causing suffering to another living creature, which it sure seemed like you were trying to cause with your post.

    Implying that people who use eggs or dairy products somehow don’t have compassion is completely outrageous, false, and not to mention makes you look like your the one lacking in the department of empathy, compassion and kindness.

    Yes there is alot of horrible cruelty taking place in dairy, chicken, and other animal product farms, but there are also some farms out there that are completely compassionate and kind to their animals.

    If you care at all about the plight of those mistreated animals, you should focus your energies on promoting and spreading the word of those kind farmers who do treat their animals kindly, and spreading FACTS (that is actually important) about those farms that are being cruel, so that people can boycot those ones, and reward the good ones with their buisness.

    Or spread the word about other ways of doing things that don’t involve anything that you believe to be wrong.
    Sharing the vinegar and lemon tidbit was great, and if you had said something like:
    “For those of us out there who do not want to use anything that was created using animal products or harmful chemicals or cruel practices, I’ve found that using vinegar and lemon works great, and you wont have to worry where that animal product your using might have come from, because there isn’t any.
    Since so many farms treat their animals so cruely, it’s hard to know if what you are using was created by causing another living creature suffering, and so it might be better just to avoid that worry alltogether by staying away from anything that might have been created from/by an animal, just to be on the safe side.
    So lemon and vinegar is a great way to avoid animal products, while still getting the benifits.”
    I don’t think anyone would have had an issue with that, and you would have done waaaaayyyyy more to get your point of veiw across than what you just did.

    Just because you are obviously a vegan, doesn’t mean there is anything actually wrong with eating eggs or dairy products, when they are collected the right way.
    Veganism is your choice based on your oppinion that eating anything that comes from an animal in any way shape or form is wrong, you are entitled to your oppinon, but you are not entitled to lie in an effort to brainwash others into thinking your point of veiw is the only true point of veiw, by misleading them and not allowing them to actually make an informed decision on their own (sound familiar?).

    Eggs DO NOT contain baby chickens, if they were fertalised, there would be blood and tissue inside the eggs, and if there are no boy chickens around, they can’t become baby chickens, ever, once they are eggs on the ground.
    And as long as the humans who take the eggs are treating the chickens kindly and keeping the healthy and happy, there is nothing hurting the chicken by harvesting the eggs, they would either be eaten by other critters, or get crushed and rot anyway if they didn’t.

    Yes, there is no doubt that some chickens are being treated in disgustingly horrible ways, but not all of them are, and condeming anyone who uses eggs is no different than condeming anyone who is a different religion than you, or a different skin colour than you, or a different sexual orientation than you, or happens to have a different lifestyle of any kind from you.
    It is all discrimination.
    If you don’t have the facts on what that person is actually and factually doing, and if you don’t know them personally, you are discriminating against them, period.
    The deffinition of discrimination is:
    “Treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit.”
    Deciding that anyone who uses animal products has no compassion, is discrimination.

    You accomplish absolutely nothing by insulting people, all you do is make them completely disregard everything you have to say, because if some of what you say can be proven to be false, when you act as though it is absolute fact, nothing you say can be trusted.

    I really really hope you were just really really tired and really really grumpy or something, and didn’t mean to say that, because I would hate for anyone to be that arrogant and ignorant, it isn’t good for anyone.

  19. Ebony Says:

    I’m mixed and so my hair hasn’t decided if I’m white or black. It’s kinky curly and I was wondering if anyone had tips for mixed hair. I’ve tried the avocado, egg, mayo, and apple cider vinegar. They all dry out my hair. I’ve attempted olive oil and it was so-so.

    (by the way, I am trying the coconut oil this month, and the honey/olive oil next month thanks for those tips!)

  20. kenzie Says:

    1) natasha, get a life. your comments are SO fake
    2) wouldnt the honey make your hair kinda sticky?
    3) does anyone know a good recipe for really bad dandruff???

  21. shaima Says:

    hi there if anyone worrying for curly hair…….pl try henna,honey.a cup of yogurt,natural cream,a banana,an apple,and egg white.feel ur hair softer than ever.pl try it.u ll love to c the difference.i experienced.

  22. jo Says:

    I thought this was a hair forum.

  23. Lotta Says:


    I realize that your post is very old, but I’ll post an answer anyway – maybe somebody else could use this tip… :)

    I have severe psoriasis myself, including on my scalp. Of course psoriasis has nothing to do with dandruff, BUT both conditions do cause flaking of the skin, so you can say that scalp psoriasis is a bit like dandruff on steroids – dandruff gone totally haywire. For that reason, using a simple psoriasis (pre-)treatment method, will also work great on dandruff.

    You can get many different products made for this purpose, e.g. different scalp oils (many including salicylic acid), but personally I prefer not using them. Instead I either use simply canola oil (you can also use olive oil, almond oil, peanut oil or others, but my favorite is the cheap and easily available canola oil, which is oil made from the yellow rapeseed flowers which are considered a weed, but also used extensively for it’s oil and for feeding livestock). Canola oil is wonderful for your skin, be it on the scalp or any other area of your body. You can use it as it is, OR you can add it to a moisturizer cream/lotion, and use that (which is an advantage, since it becomes very thin and runny when the body temperature heats it up). If you use a lotion, the result will be a great consistency. If you however use a cream which is kind of heavy, also add some water, to make it easier to apply. Put the product into e.g. a hair dye bottle, since that bottle has a thin/long tip, it is perfect to apply products to the scalp (also great for home made hair cleansers)!. Start by parting your hair. Apply a little amount into the part, and massage the oil/cream into your scalp. Then make a new part just beside the first one, and repeat. Keep repeating this until you have applied the oil/cream to your whole scalp and along the hairline. Carefully gather your hair on top of your head, without combing the oil/lotion into your hair (if you can, just use your hands, no brush/comb) and secure with a hair band or clip (if you have long hair, of course). Then cover your head with a shower cap, or simply using saran wrap/cling film (just hold the roll against your forehead, secure the end with a finger or two, then pull film out as you wrap it all around your head once or twice. Then arrange the top against the scalp, pressing out all air, then around your pony tail or hair clip. Let your ears out and arrange the plastic around the hair edges, so that it will be comfortable (using this method is the most effective, as it is much more air tight than the wide shower cap, but a shower cap is more comfy to wear). Let this sit on for a few hours or over night. When morning comes, you might need to make an exception from your ordinary hair cleansing routine, and instead use a shampoo. Adding the shampoo to the dry hair before adding any water, will make it easier to remove the oil, especially if you have used a heavier oil. Canola oil however, is very easy to get out of the hair. Why not experiment to see if you can get your hair clean without any shampoo now too, after all, the oil is good for the hair, esp. if you have dry hair! When you are done, you can use a fine toothed comb to comb out all that dry skin from your scalp, and you will have a soft, flake free scalp that is “itchy no more”… :) If your dandruff isn’t too bad, you might even do good enough just by massaging the scalp well before washing it, that might remove the dandruff well enough. If you have something like psoriasis or sebhorreic exzema though, you probably need to use the fine toothed comb. I prefer to use a plastic comb with 2 rows of metal teeth, originally meant to use for removing lice (I bought my first of these at CVS or some place like that in the US, but since I have bought the exact same one here in Europe). After using the comb, I use an old toothbrush to wash the comb and get all dead skin flakes out of it (combing with the brush through all the comb teeth is very effective and the comb is like new afterwards – I hate yucky looking combs!).

    This is not a lasting fix, after all, our bodies do make new skin all the time, and keep getting rid of old skin cells. But this does remove it for a while, and as long as it lasts, you have got it off and the scalp feels much better. When I have a lot of scalp psoriasis, I do this once or twice a week, over night. For that reason, it would be my guess that if you have ordinary dandruff, once a week or every other week, probably will make quite a difference. It may be an idea to use a conditioner that contains some kind of oil though, to moisturize the scalp when you have cleansed your hair, so you add the oils your scalp somehow lose, causing it to be dry and flaky. How about seeing if you can manage cleansing your hair in a more gentle way that won’t make your scalp so dry?

    You can also make an oil conditioner (found the recipe on instructables.com):
    2/3 cup water
    1/8 teaspoon guar gum
    1/8 teaspoon xanthan gum
    1 teaspoon canola oil

    This should be refridgerated, unless you add some kind of preservative. I have thought of trying tea tree oil and/or grapefruit seed extract – which may be good for your scalp as well…

    I made my first batch of this tonight, so I still haven’t tried it. Thought I should try it on my dog tomorrow, she’s a Yorkie, so she has lots of hair that needs conditioning to look nice and stay untangled… :)

    Hope this is useful for some! :)

  24. Nada Says:

    Almond oil and sleep with it on and when u wake up take a shower
    Awesome stuff!!!

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