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June 6, 2011 by Always a Lady  
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Tired of perms, flat irons, rollers, and the high cost of beauty parlors? Try wearing your natural hair. There are many stylish options for African-American women that won’t have you looking like a homeless chick.

There is much beauty in being an African-American woman.  Tanning beds are not necessary; vibrant colors look great against your skin; the darker you are, the more luscious you look – like living, breathing, chocolate; your body shape tends to be curvier in just the right places; the sway of your walk has attitude that says “I’m not trying to be sexy, I just am”; your lips, eyes and high cheekbones are exotic and your voice is distinctive.  You are a “Sista” often imitated, but never duplicated.   You are a unique brand of woman.  You put the beauty in black. So, why not embrace your roots – yes those nappy roots – and let the natural beauty of your hair shine?

Twists, Braids and Locks

Coarse, black, hair in its natural state will hold a twist or lock.  To wear some natural hair styles, all perm must be cut out of the hair.  If cutting the perm out of the hair is too drastic, braids can be worn and the permed hair can be gradually cut off from the ends each time its re braided until there is only new growth (natural hair).  Braiding is one of the most effective ways to grow black hair.  Without being tugged, combed, brushed, chemically treated, heated and generally abused, the hair is free to grow healthy.  During this time of healing, daily leave-in conditioners can be used and the hair can be washed and patted dry gently (about once per week) with the braids still in tact.   Locks can be achieved in a number of ways.  Black, natural hair care salons can get you started and keep your locks maintained for you, or you can twist your own hair with locking gels or good ole’ beeswax and maintain them yourself.  It all depends on how much experience you have doing your own hair.  Once your natural hair has had an opportunity to grow in a healthy, no stress environment, you will find that it grows and grows and grows and grows.  It is very common to have to cut your locks when they grow past your behind or when they get so heavy that it’s uncomfortable. Locks and braids can be worn  in ponytails, french rolls, twists, balls, and more.  You can also weave hair of different colors and textures for volume or to customize your style and express your individuality.

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