Hair Tips for Girls

July 3, 2007 by StarD One  
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Through the course of a girl’s life, she would probably come across questions about her body’s hair. She may or may not know that there are some things that can damage her hair.

Random Tips About Hair:

  1. Brush your hair from the bottom up. If you start from the top, you may get split ends.
  2. Dying your hair too many times will damage it. Chemicals in hair dye can slowly cause damage to your hair. It would give it a “fried” look.
  3. Use good shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy and strong.
  4. Sometimes it’s better to bleach your hair before you dye it.
  5. Whenever you dye your hair, do a sample test first. (Best to know if you’re allergic before you dye your whole head).
  6. Don’t “dye” your hair with food coloring, Kool-Aid, etc. They only stain your hair. If you want the color, get it dyed correctly.
  7. If you’re trying to dye your hair without letting your parents know.. think about this. If you have blond hair and use blue Kool-Aid or food coloring, you would get blue hair. Yellow + Blue is what? Green. You’d have green hair. So if your parents don’t want you to dye your hair, then you might be out of luck.

Random Tips About Hair Removal:

  1. It’s up to you if you decide to shave. Don’t let peer pressure get to you.
  2. It’s a myth that whenever you shave, the hair grows back darker and thicker. It appears this way because it’s rough when it starts to regrow. When it fully grows out, it will smooth out.
  3. Keeping up with good hygiene would make the hair would become less visible or stop growing at all.
  4. Tweezing lasts longer than shaving and has a smoother feel, but hurts a bunch if you’re not used to it.
  5. Hair removal creams are better than shaving and tweezing, but you may end up with rashes.
  6. Use shaving cream whenever you shave. If you can’t buy some, some soaps work well too.
  7. Some people prefer to shave down, instead of up, to prevent irritable bumps and red marks.
  8. During puberty, hair grows about everywhere. But if you don’t shave it, it will go away if you shower daily and keep clean. If you shave it, you might just end up with ingrown hairs.

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14 Responses to “Hair Tips for Girls”
  1. sam Says:

    there is this pretty girl and her hair is pretty it’s smooth and nobody knows her secret it never gets bumpy.nobody has pretty hair as her

  2. Syd Says:

    I colored my hair with food coloring you have to mix it with sampo and keep it in for 12 hours then blow dry on the highest heat you have after that dont wash for 4 to 7 days and your hair looks perfectly fine

  3. blip Says:

    I’m gonna give myself some Kool-aid highlights.
    I read that you should mix a pack with conditioner, then leave it in your hair in a shower cap over night.

  4. Maya Says:

    I want to see step by step pictures of diferent hairstylies to try!

  5. nicole Says:

    i wanted hiar steps and pics and reading

  6. kattie Says:

    brushing up gets not in your hair

  7. vanessa Says:

    I dont get how you can comb your hair up all you get is knots in your hair.

  8. emily Says:

    i dont understand the tip…

    “During puberty, hair grows about everywhere. But if you don’t shave it, it will go away if you shower daily and keep clean. If you shave it, you might just end up with ingrown hairs.”

    That makes no sense what-so-ever…..really? You can just wash yourself and get rid of the hair down there?

  9. taylor Says:

    what can i do to make my hair curly like beyonce’s hair

  10. upinder Says:

    I got very scare after reading the article of on rebonding of hairs………i have also been through the process of rebonding……..please tell me how can i protect my hairs from hair fall.

  11. CLRS Says:

    Hi Rebonding is not harmful as so many people just commented.. I got my hair renonded twice and the hair just become better.. Infact a lot better. The strength has improved, hair loss has reduce.. I got it done in Bounce (Chennai, India). They ripped me out. The thing was so expensive but the results are amazing. They used schwartzkopf and trust me it is the best brand for hair. Nothing can beat it. If you get it done by a professional using schwartzkopf, I can bet nothing will go wrong.. We live just once.. make the best out of ur life and look the best you can.. Go for it but be very careful about choosing the professionals and products.
    I strongly recommend only schwartzkopf.


  12. megha sachdev Says:

    Hi. I recently got Loreal rebonding done though i got schwartzkopf last year but this time it got it for Loreal which waas suggetsted by my sister. I am not too sure if this will dammage my hair because i havnt really used loreal products by far.

  13. Riddhima G Says:

    Riddhima G..

    hey.. i got rebonding done from LOOKS – New friends colony-new delhi,2 years back. I had paid a good amount, but the results were miserable.. I had hair fall and lost the texture.

    later i had loreal rebonding done, which was better than the first one as am not sure which product they had used, inspite of being asked for loreal. The products were not shown to me.
    Now I am planning to do rebonding again.. but am a little confused as sum of ma friends suggest that i shud go for smoothening…
    can sum1 please advise…

  14. Shatarupa Ray Says:

    my is so thin,,,,,,,, hair falling…….is a big problem for meeee………….nd dandraff is also a prob…………i need a silky growthful hair.please suggest meeeeee

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