Hair Removal by Sugaring

September 13, 2011 by straw1979  
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Removal of hair by sugaring.

Hair Removal by Sugaring. When you are removing your hair by sugaring the hair you are trying to remove has to be certain length but not to long. Before you begin to sugar your hair you have to make sure that it is very clean. Make sure there is no soap residue on your skin.

When you are using sugaring for hair removal is you should put it on in the direction of the way the hair is growing. You pull back the strip that you are using something similar to waxing. Before you try it on your whole body try a small space to make sure that it is not irritating to your skin.

The hair will normally not grow back for 3 to 6 weeks. Some people may get hair back before that time it varies according to the person. When it does grow back then it should be less and less the more that you do the method of sugaring.

The pain of sugaring is usually quite minimal but should go away quickly. The ingredients in sugaring are natural and are usually very safe. This is much easier to clean up then wax.

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