[Hair] How to: Smooth, Soft Curls

January 6, 2012 by arifaulia  
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Straight up and then burst out voluminously on the side, this hairstyle is one that can have subtle tenderness, or 70-an aura of glamor.

To get a soft spiral curls, Annika Annika Bowen in the hair using the following steps:

1. Part of the hair by dividing it into half and clamped with sectioning clips. Starting at the back, taking horizontal partings and use a small curling iron to curl each under the tight curl.

2. Continue taking the horizontal separation, curly hair all the way up the back of the head. Once you’ve snuggled into the ear, follow partings from the back of the head to the front hairline

3. On the front hairline, still curly hair back from her face as this will give you more width and make it look more gentle for the most face shapes.

4. When you get high on the head (ie the top layer of hair) began to drag curls. This will make it hard to build curl and have a flatness to the top of the head. You can drag the curls down to either the ear or the eye level depending on where you want the volume start from.

5. Once you have curled all the hair, get a brush (a soft cushion brush works best) and gently brush out the curls. Using your fingers and brush, adjust the width and shape of the hair.

6. Once you are satisfied with the desired shape, hair spray in place with some hair spray.

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