Hair Coloring’s Beauty in a Bottle

August 24, 2011 by FX777222999  
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Hair coloring is not new. Its history dates back to ancient times; Ramses, aged 11, dyed his hair red. Ancient Celtic warriors bleached their moustaches, and beautiful Roman patricians made dyeing their hair a favorite pastime.

            The women of Lucretia Borgia’s time sat in the sun with their hair covered in a horrible mixture to obtain the “capelli fili d’oro”, the famous Venetian blonde.  The redhead, held in disgrace for so long, came back into favor at the end of the 18th century.  Dark hair and a translucent complexion came into fashion in the 19th century, and, in the 20th century, hair coloring has kept pace with technology.

            Today, more than ever, hair coloring is a statement of personal choice that has managed to overcome the restrictive dictates of a conservative society.  It is no longer sensational or loud to color your hair the way you wish.  And, it has never been easier.  Though the science behind hair color is complex, their application is amazingly easy.  Even a first-timer can successfully dye hair at home and achieve satisfying results.

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            Today’s products are ready-to-use, totally safe, and can be used without taking too much time from your schedule.  This, however, does not mean that you can learn all there is to hair coloring in a day.  There are certain rules to follow, easy ones, but rules nevertheless.  You may ignore a few, thinking they are redundant, only to find yourself sporting a shade quite different from the one you wanted.

Coloring your hair at home can be simple and successful if you follow a few basic rules.

            To begin with, it is advisable for obvious aesthetic reasons to avoid a total change of hair color.  You were born with a certain combination of skin, hair and eye colors for a reason; and while nature can go wrong sometimes, more often than not it is we who make mistakes.  A few shades darker or lighter than your basic one will produce far more attractive results than declaring a total war on your original coloring.

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            If you really must give yourself a complete changeover, then do so progressively, going up or down the tone scale, as the case may be, shade by shade, until you achieve the exact result you want.  All these takes time, so those with little patience are best off consulting an expert hairdresser.

            It is also important to remember that no shade looks the same on two different heads.  Hair varies in pigments and degrees of density which make this impossible so don’t go by the shade your best friend is sporting, even if she has eyes and hair that look exactly like yours.  Choose the shade that looks good on you.



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7 Responses to “Hair Coloring’s Beauty in a Bottle”
  1. DR.VNS Says:

    Good one.

  2. pruelpo Says:

    So at least I have the reason why I color my hair. The color of my hair has changed when I reached 35year old. Now I am already 51 my hair are already white. However, I colored them every 2 months by using henna a product from India.

  3. Phoenix Montoya Says:

    These are good to know, a good share for my friends who loves to use dyes :)

  4. mtrguanlao Says:

    Honestly Sir fx,I always dye my hair. Had white hairs since I was 20,huhu! I inherited it from my father.

  5. papaleng Says:

    Sir FX, I like my natural hair color, medyo -grayish na. Sabi kasi sa bible, blessings yan.

  6. Martin Kloess Says:

    i use to do it as a distraction.

  7. erwinkennythomas Says:

    v. nice piece!

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