Hair Color and Personality: What Does Your Hair Color Say About You?

March 27, 2008 by Kristie Leong MD  
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We’ve all heard the dumb blonde jokes and know the most common hair color stereotypes. Are hair color and personality really correlated?

We’ve all heard the stereotypical phrases relating to hair color such as “the dumb blonde” or the “hot headed red head”, but how much of this is true? Do people with certain hair colors tend to have particular traits? In this day and age when so many people change their hair color, can you draw any correlations between hair color and personality? As it turns out, certain personality traits do seem to be associated with hair color and people do sometimes make judgments based on a person’s hair color. Whether we look it or not hair color and personality may be interrelated. What is your hair saying about you?

Brunette Hair Color

You’re probably aware of the stereotype. Brunettes are reliable, dependable, even tempered, and intelligent. Few studies are really able to measure whether brunettes are actually more reliable or dependable than their blonde and red headed counterparts, but no study that’s looked at intelligence and hair color has found an association up to this point. Interesting enough, this stereotype still exists with surveys showing that the vast majority of both men and women consider brunettes to be more intelligent as well as more stable and well grounded. Over half of men report that they find brunettes to be more attractive than their blonde counterparts. Whether or not these stereotypes hold true, the brunette gets credit for a variety of admirable traits. When famous brunettes come to mind such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Eva Longoria, and Penelope Cruz, it’s hardly surprising that brunettes are considered to be desirable.

Blonde Hair Color

If there’s one hair color that’s the butt of jokes, it’s the flaxen hair of the blonde. Interestingly, the vast majority of blondes come from a bottle which begs the question of whether they’re really blondes or brunettes in disguise. When you look at worldwide statistics, less than one out of fifty people is a natural blonde which makes it a fairly rare hair color. Nevertheless, blondes, whether they’re natural or bottled, tend to be seen as lacking in intelligence and as being more fickle, outgoing, and flighty. Then there’s the old die hard stereotype that gentlemen prefer blondes which has already been called into question based on surveys of men. Plus, blondes get a further bad name from the publicized antics of such infamous light haired women as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsey Lohan. (although her hair changes color on a monthly basis) Seems like blondes have public sentiment stacked against them in some respects, yet women continue to alter their hair color in the belief that “blondes have more fun”.

Red Hair Color

Natural redheads are actually more common than natural blondes with one out of every thirty-three people being a natural redhead, most of them being native to the U.K, Scotland, Ireland, and Australia. They are often credited with having a hot temper. Although no formal study has been done to address how common this trait is in redheads, redheads are probably no more likely to fly off the handle than blondes or brunettes except when someone calls them “Red” or points out their freckles. Interestingly, redheads have been shown to be the most sensitive to pain of all hair colors and often require higher doses of pain medication and anesthesia than blondes or brunettes. The interest in being a redhead seems to be at an all time high with many women turning to hair dyes to get the red haired look.

Although hair color and personality don’t seem to have a strong correlation, it is difficult to measure these traits with the exception of intelligence. It may just be that people who have a certain hair color through chance or by choice tend to adopt the stereotype. This just lends credence to the idea that most people aspire to what other people expect them to be.

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20 Responses to “Hair Color and Personality: What Does Your Hair Color Say About You?”
  1. Blondie Says:

    Its true blondes have more fun but its not true that were dumb were all the same(exept we have more fun he he)

  2. brown hair Says:

    What about black hair is it the same as brown?

  3. M Says:

    Well, this was an okay articale…..Just for the record I’m blonde and a good student I get A’s and B’s. So, I don’t agree with the all blondes are dumb part, we all have our moments even red heads and brunettes.

  4. V Says:

    I’ve dyed my hair many different shades of blonde and brown, i also dyed it red, and i’ve had just as much fun no matter what my hair color was. My hair used to be light blonde and now it’s light brown, and i noticed that i don’t get checked out less than before.

  5. ! Says:

    what about the stereotypes of black hair, or unnatural colors?

  6. Crossing roads Says:

    Black hair?

  7. Nicole Says:

    A recent study showed natural redheads to make up only 2% of the population. Blondes are less common than redheads? I call B.S! Lol! I am a natural redhead by the way, and most of the members of my family are natural blondes. Guess those \”rare\” colors run in the family lol!

    From what I\’ve seen blondes tend to actually be smarter than most other hair types. I think their using that \”Dumb blonde\” to their advantage and pulling the wool over your eyes lol!

  8. Brunnette Says:

    Why is it that many of the blondes that I’ve met have an annoying preppy dumb act about them, it’s such a cliche but yet they still want to act like that to the point that now they have created a stereotype for themselves

  9. Princess Peach Says:


  10. Super Mario Says:

    wahoo! Mario loves-a blond-a! <3

  11. Awesome Says:

    Redheads and blonds ftw! Yeah!

  12. Jetison Says:

    Black is technically brunette but it’s not perceived in the same way as other obviously brown shades. Don’t forget that the majority of people around the world are raven/jet-haired/noirettes! We’re always left out of the equation along with gray/grey hair as if we make no impressions. All the better.

  13. Youredumb Says:

    First of all, it is proven that in redheads are the rarest in the world. So check your facts. Secondly, redheads don’t need more anesthetic because they have low pain tolerances it’s because their bodies don’t absorb the medication properly, it’s called having a high tolerance. You really need to check your sources or deal with the jealousy issues you have with us.

  14. boob Says:

    Red heads are AWESOME in. . . . School.

  15. That-Person-Over-There Says:

    I Agree. ^-^

  16. Stephanie Says:

    It is true Brunettes are Great. Blondes are not all dumb neither smart they are basically how they are raised. If they are told to do good in school they probably would have good or average grades

  17. Lilly Says:

    It was a pretty good article, hair stereotypes are very annoying and ridiculous espically the ‘dumb blonde’ one because I know a few stupid brunettes and some very smart blondes. I am a red head and I am more and more frequently meeting people who call me ‘ginger’ which gets to be pretty annoying as my friend has stopped calling me by name and simply calls me ‘ginger’.

  18. Amara Says:

    I have red hair with natural blonde and brown highlights and brown eyes. And your hait doesnt effect you- you effect your hair. Your hair shade depends on your aidrenelen (idk how to spell it) And blondes arnt dumd they just have shorter attemtion spans and less of a drive to get good grades. I am your basic stereo type red head with a sense of humor and kind MOMENTS thrown into the mix. 

  19. maryanne Says:

    I’m a bombing red-head with bright green eyes and a pale skin complexion. I’ll tell you who has more fun!!!

  20. theresa Says:

    I can say I am a mom of 2 an aunt of like 10 so far and a sister of six children. Growing up I helped mom raise my sister and brothers. two sets of identicle twins which I thought was so hard. Now I look back and lagh, my twin brothers and twin sisters wer nothing compared to my little red head. My first son is so calm and easy to get along with, but my little red head is something els. I mean I love him to death but he is very difficult He want to brush his own teeth but dosent know how. He wants to walk by his self but then runs away. He wants to check himself in at the docters but dosent know how to talk correctly. He wants to frie his own egg and cant even lift the pan yet. Get this, he even fights me for my car keys, I tell him he don’t have a drivers licens yet, he don’t care. His attitude is just so different, it’s so funny he is so so aunry. The tantrums and every thing els. Red heads do have a different personality and yes they are very hot temperd. There should be a scientific study done on red heads.

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