Hair Care Tips for Women Veiling

June 7, 2013 by Seema Kashif  
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Hair Care Tips For Women Veiling.

Wearing hijab does not mean do not treat the hair, you know. (

Wearing hijab can keep hair from air pollution and sunburn. However, the use of the veil can also make the hair limp and greasy.

Friction between fabric veil and hair cause pressure on the scalp, thus producing excess oil. Oil on the scalp become delicious food for living things that settle on the scalp, such as ticks, as well as lead to dandruff. In addition, the hair limp and greasy also susceptible to loss.

To overcome this, there are a few tricks you can try.

1. Dry hair before wearing the hijab

Avoid wearing hijab when wet hair. Closed wet hair can cause limp and smells musty. Make sure the hair was completely dry before wearing hijab.

2. Select the appropriate shampoo

Use special shampoos or shampoos greasy hair with a powerful formula counteract hair loss. Typically, this shampoo made ​​with a refreshing mint or ginseng scalp to strengthen the hair roots.

3. Avoid tying the hair too tight

For those of you who have long hair, tie your hair too tight to avoid when using a veil. The hair is braided or dicepol would be better because it binds more loosely but with neater hair lock.

4. Choosing hairpin

Avoid using hair clips made ​​of metal, as it can make hair become brittle and broken. Select hairpins made ​​of soft plastic or rubber.

5. haircut

In order to keep hair healthy, it is advisable to cut hair to a bob or a short as possible. Besides being easy to set up, you also do not need to tie up her hair, so the hair can breathe more easily.

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