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June 19, 2013 by madcoww  
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How to take care of your hair.

We always want our hair to be healthy and smooth, especially for us ladies. 
I want to share some tips to maintain a healthy hair:
First and for most, always practice a healthy lifestyle, what’s this healthy lifestyle I’m talking about? It is by eating nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, proper exercise, enough rest and sleep, and avoiding vices, this things are very important in maintaining a good hair texture. 
Next is by washing hair with cold or cool water, to prevent hair to dry.
Third, is by using appropriate shampoo for the hair, like shampoos for dry hair, or for oily hair, and also do not forget to apply conditioner after shampooing, conditioner helps hair to be smooth and silky. Fourth, never apply any treatments on hair with out asking a professional, hair treatments contain chemicals that will damage your hair, so be cautious on using it. Fifth, when you sleep, use a silk pillow case, this will help hair to be smooth and silky thru tossing and turning of hair when moving or sleeping. Sixth, have your hair be trimmed every two months, this helps in removing split ends. Lastly, avoid combing your hair when wet, this may cause hair breakage. 
So if you want to maintain a shinny and glossy hair, just follow the tips provided:) Thank you

Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover (Photo credits: West Elm)

self-aid, buddy care training (365-219) (Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker)

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