Hair Care in The Summer

July 5, 2010 by crucisis  
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Make your tresses happy even in the harsh summer.

The summer sun can be harsh wreaking havoc on your tresses, making them dry, lifeless and limp. Here’s what you can do to help your sun damaged hair look and feel better.

•    Once a week, use a hair-repair shampoo.
•    Choose a daily conditioner designed to smooth your strands. Mint oil is a good ingredient to look for.
•    Use a deep conditioner regularly — at least weekly and more often if your hair feels like it needs a punch of conditioning. Cover your hair with a shower cap for deep-conditioning treatments — your body’s heat will help warm the conditioner so it can penetrate more deeply. Conditioners with keratin, wheat-germ protein, and jojoba oil are good choices.
•    Try a hot-oil treatment. You can pick up a packet at a chemist shop or beauty -supply store, or mix up your own custom concoction with olive, canola, and other oils.
•    Apply a leave-in conditioner daily that includes sunscreen. This step will help protect your sun-damaged hair from further UV damage. Make sure you condition the ends well. Although you might need to test this on a patch of hair to make sure it it isn’t inflamatory for your skin type.
•    Let your hair dry naturally so you’re not further damaging it with blow-dryers and heated styling products.
•    If you colour your hair, the colour will likely fade with sun exposure, so you might need a touch-up at the end of the season. In the interim, a hair gloss can add shine to your locks without changing the colour.


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