Hair and Care : Useful Tips

September 17, 2011 by Mini Bhatia  
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The article is a guide to healthier hair.

Hair and Care: Useful Tips



Ageing is a difficult phenomena to accept. Bodily changes still take time to manifest, but when it comes to hair…well the comb and the mirror enjoy themselves crazy!

All the hair in the world, including Lady Gaga’s I believe, follow this timeless cycle of regeneration. But, with time they grow less and more finely till thinning out starts. Baldness is the extreme and lets hope like hell we won’t have to face it.

Here are some simple tips that will help you arrest somewhat, the progressive decrease in hair density, which mind you is quite natural and inevitable to ageing.

·       Subscribe to Grandma’s theory

A little oil massaged gently into your scalp with fingertips going round and round can go a long way in enhancing blood circulation and stimulating hair growth and rejuvenation. Try it and choose from the wonderful display of oils in the market till you find yours’!


·       Eat right, don’t diet

A balanced meal gives the right nutrition to body as well as hair. Curd in any form is good. Say no to smoking and stress. Remember to sleep tight!


·       Moisturizer to face; conditioner to hair

After washing hair use a conditioner in sync with your hair type, trial and error will help you find the hair product best suited to you.Condition the strands that come in your ponytail, not the scalp.


·       Brush, brush, brush

Taking a head bath is not all. We can have clean hair, but often we get lazy when it’s time to comb. Start untangling from the base and work your way up. So, once the hair is almost dry pick up your brush and pamper your strands. Love them and brush till they shine!


·       Scissors are good

Go for a regular trim. It keeps your hair in shape and split ends …well end!


Follow these simple tips to a healthier and bouncier mane. All of us have a hair story, now we can have a crowning glory!



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