Growth Fur / Hair

October 28, 2011 by gruksgruks  
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Growth Fur / Hair.

Growth Fur / Hair

Due to the increased production of certain hormones during pregnancy, side effects occur in the hair. These symptoms will disappear after childbirth and is found in normal pregnant women.

Generally fur around the circumference of the abdomen seems more thick. On the other hand eyebrows or hair on the head of the front looks thin or even fall out.

Since many feel uncomfortable with body hair that looks thick in some places, sometimes the desire to shave. Generally shaving is not recommended. During pregnancy because the body is very sensitive skin so easily injured or become dry. Although hair removal medications are absorbed through the skin is not berperngaruh to fetuses, but can menakibatkan dry skin.

If really feel annoyed by the thickened fur, hair remover when taking the drug should be tried first a little and see if there is a negative influence or not. If not found a negative effect can continue to use all the desired part. Also in that section should also be smeared with cream moisturizer to prevent dry skin. To use a conventional shaver should be careful because a razor can injure the skin. More advisable to use an electric shaver.

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