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February 4, 2010 by amrita.s  
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Long hair has been in fashion since several decades and with a little effort one can get long and beautiful hair.

 Nowadays many new hairdos are in, but straight long hair still makes a fashion statement wherever one goes. There are people who still crave for long silky hair and try their best to grow their hair. So what makes hair grow long and thick? Take a look:


If you want your children to have long and thick hair right from their childhood, then shave their head at least 6-7 times in succession. Every time hair is shaved off one’s head, it grows back thicker and also it grows faster than before.


However, if you are no longer young, then too there is no hassle. One should oil one’s hair regularly. Indian gooseberries are known to contain vitamin C and essential proteins that help hair growth.


Having a bite of gooseberry everyday improves hair texture and growth as well. Mehndi, an Indian herb when boiled and turned into a paste acts as a great hair care product. It not only colours the hair without adding artificial chemicals to it, it also nourishes the roots and helps it to grow long.


Once in a while a visit to the hair spa keeps one’s hair in a good growing condition.


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