Getting a Fairer and Clearer Skin

May 28, 2011 by aasif  
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This will show you how exactly I got fairer and lost my dark spots.

I was very tanned and my lips we parched , i was feeling very uncomfortable and I was overweight.

when the summer vacations started , the weight started bothering me , so  i decided to run it off …
i lost 12 kg in 3 months , and i started feeling healthier , I also used to wash my face everyday with a good moisturising face wash.

and i used to rub my face with raw lemon , and clean it up with cucumber .

and this increased my self-confidence and got me in a very good position considering my social life

 the chicks started to come in, if u now what i mean ;)
I got visibly fairer and HOTTER :P
and my body posture was great , though my parents were not totall OK with me going on a diet , 
 hope this works for you too , 
Good Luck!

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