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February 27, 2011 by Sculptra  
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Are you looking for ways to get rid of the dreaded marionette lines? If you are afraid of showing up with "plastic surgery face", check out this article for an alternative.

Do you notice smile lines or marionette lines on your face that weren’t always there? One of the noticeable signs of aging for women is the appearance of deep smile lines. Eliminating or reducing the marionette lines can dramatically change your appearance and make you look years younger.

If you are looking for options to help reduce the appearance of your smile lines, consider Sculptra injections.

Sculptra is a non-invasive anti-aging solution – a wrinkle filler that also builds collagen over a period of time. If you are looking for a remedy to help reduce those smile lines and have considered Juvederm or Botox, read this article to find out more about Sculptra to see if it is right for you.

Sculptra is longer lasting than most other dermal fillers and far less invasive than a face lift or other plastic surgery. If you want a treatment with little down time or pain, injectable fillers are worth researching. Injections are also much cheaper than other plastic surgery procedures. Here are a few things to know about Sculptra to help understand what differentiates it from other wrinkle fillers.

Results are Longer Lasting

Like other dermal fillers, Sculptra injections do not last forever but unlike others, they do last for up to two years. While with many treatments, you have to go back to the doctor for more after several months, these will last for over a year and up to two years. Collagen rebuilds in the treated areas when you have the injections done.

Results are Gradual

Have you ever seen a friend or colleague go from their normal self one day to a frozen, tight pulled up face the next day? It’s clear that they had work done. If you want to keep your anti-aging regiment a bit more private, gradual results are key. Sculptra treatments are given in a series of injection sessions – usually 3 to 4 with gradual progress over the course of the treatment. You didn’t add 10 years overnight, so why assume you should take off 10 years in one day? For gradual, and natural looking results, Sculptra gives an advantage.

Sculptra is currently approved by the FDA for use in the smile line area only. I have read about and seen forums where patients have had Sculptra done in other areas like the eye area but for safe, approved results – the FDA has only noted the area around the lips, cheeks and nose – the nasolabial folds as a safe zone for Sculptra Aesthetic.

As with any cosmetic surgery or filler treatment, choosing the right Sculptra doctor is important. You can find a trained Sculptra doctor all across the U.S. and internationally.

On our site, you can find a great succinct list of questions to ask your prospective doctor. It is important to find a reputable trained doctor to avoid negative side effects and to ensure the results you want with your treatment.

If you use a trained doctor, side effects are generally minimal but important to be aware of. For info on side effects and possible complications as well as our doctor checklist, visit Sculptra Side Effects.

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