Gabby Douglas, You are a Winner!

August 5, 2012 by Jswana  
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Gabby Douglas, we love you…..

 Gabby Douglas’s brother is awfully proud as he hugs his mother on Gabby’s first win.  Her mother, her whole family is proud and so am I.  She’s sixteen years old and have started on one of the most positive paths….winning Gold.

But I wonder: Why in the world would people be so petty as to make comments about a person’s hair after she’s become an All-Around Gold Medal Winner in Gymnastics in our Summer Olympics, garnering two wins in three days?  And then people would have the nerve to comment about her pulled back hair style and further have the nerve to comment about the texture of this young Winner’s hair?  How dare  these  people!  This is a lovely Sixteen year old achiever, something that many of her critics probably are not!

Maybe it’s jealously, maybe flat out stupidity or maybe it’s a case of self-hate to focus on something that is inherent in some African-Americans, curly hair!  Albeit Hair Texture varies deeply in our Culture and so what if it does.  This young woman will do far better than a lot of the critics because she will be up for Endorsements, she is loved and she is beautiful.  Gabby Douglas is wondering why so much has been made of her hair and so are a lot of supporters such as me.  There are so many things to ponder about this young lady which first and foremost, should be her talent and agility, her drive, her personality and that smile.  She’s a living Doll.  So, as she put it “Get used to it.  I’m not changing”, I so agree!  So you hair-obsessed people who believe that the only way to be beautiful is to have straight hair  sound straight out stupid.

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  1. girishpuri Says:


  2. sabanawaz Says:

    congrats and well written

  3. Lisa Marie Mottert Says:

    To me, Gabby is a beautiful young American Olympic Champion, that is achieving great things and wins (along with her teamates) for her Country, and is a wonderful role model.

    Good article. Thanks for the share.

  4. elee Says:

    brilliant article :thanks for your support

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