Fragrant Hair Throughout The Day, Then Go Smell

June 7, 2013 by Seema Kashif  
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Fragrant Hair Throughout the day, then go smell.

Limp hair is not the only problem that the active women with a myriad of busyness.

Dust and dirt make for a sweet hair. Confidence has ebbed.

How can I make hair smell good all day?

1. perfume

Did you know that sprayed perfume to scent hair will last longer than if sprayed on the body? Perfume ingredients in tightly bind the fibers in hair and make hair always smell good. Be careful, avoid spraying hair to the scalp harena alcohol in perfumes can cause irritation.

2. Shampoo

Choose a shampoo with your favorite scent. The smell of the perfume is not only going to survive after shampooing alone, but also several hours afterward.

3. conditioner

Wearing shampoo would not be complete without a conditioner. Select a variance and conditioner with the same scent shampoo to strengthen the scent and make it durable.

4. Avoid heat

Vise tool wear, curling iron, or too long in the sun can make the hair into the musty smell. Avoid too long to apply heat to the hair or body hair allowing exposure to sunlight. Use a hat or umbrella when doing activities outdoors.

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