Four Myths About Hair

October 16, 2011 by sandhee  
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Cutting the hair to maintain hair growth is only a myth.

Beautiful hair and shine into the dream of all women around the world. It makes women willing to undergo any treatment to get beautiful hair and nice.

However, not all tips or advice that you get correct. There are also some suggestions that are simply myths.

A well-known hairdresser from a company, Jenny Cho criticize about the rules that says hair is a shiny beautiful hair. In an interview, Cho claimed the phrase was just a myth.

And during this time many women have believed the myth about hair. And the following four myths about hair as quoted from Genius Beauty:

1. About the rules that states cut the tip of the hair to maintain hair growth is a myth. According to Cho cutting the hair is a great way to healthy hair but that does not make hair grow faster. Cho explains in a period of one month’s hair grows about 1 cm. And it does not depend on whether the edges are trimmed or not.

2. Rule that says a homemade mask will make the hair difficult to smooth. According to experts, the success of treatment depends on the product with the appropriate professional treatment depending on the type and texture of hair.

A homemade mask can be a supplement to the basic treatment only if the prescription has been suggested by one’s personal hairdresser.

3. Another myth about hair texture of hair that claim has never changed is wrong. For example, straight hair can suddenly become bumpy in some periods and vice versa. Experts believe that the changes in hair structure dikatikan by many factors such as drugs, hair dyes, stress, age, and hormones.

4. Shampoo and hair stylist says conditioner can not clean up with clean hair. That is why the two-day dirty hair back. However, the famous hairdresser believe ordinary liquid soap with a neutral pH level can clean a lot better and make the hair clean longer

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