Four Hair Techniques for Overnight Curls and Waves

March 19, 2009 by writecorner  
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These quick hairstyles add body or waves are possible with a few overnight techniques. Whether you want ringlets, curls, waves, or just a touch of volume, use the techniques below to help you style it.

A touch of curl goes a long ways, especially if you don’t have time in the morning to fuss with rollers or a curling iron. Overnight curls and waves can be a fun and easy way to add style or volume to your hair without a lot of effort.


For ringlet-style curls (or just a few loose ones) use the bobby-pin trick your grandmother knew: take a plait of your hair (approximately the size of the curl you want) and wind it up tight around your finger until it forms a “knot” against your scalp. Pin it place with a couple of bobby pins and continue until your head is occupied by lots of “porcupine” knots.

Remove the pins in the morning and watch as curls come tumbling down. Style and spray, or comb them out for extra body (just be careful of frizzy strands or static electricity).

For a similar effect, twist your hair around “rags” and tie them with simple knots at the top — another of grandmother’s favorites. Perm rollers also work, although they’re a little uncomfortable for sleep.


For a touch of style and shape, try braiding your hair before bed. Different thicknesses and styles create different waves throughout your hair. Try braiding as close to the scalp as you can, with several small braids which meld into a large one on either side. Or use french braids or corn rows for tight waves or “wind swept” hairstyles.

For more volume and less time, try using the “twin knot” technique. Similar to bobby-pin curls, it takes two large “knots”–your hair divided into two or four plaits, wound against your scalp and pinned their overnight. In the morning, the technique usually results in a few large curls, ready to be styled into curvy volume that frames your face and adds body to your hairstyle.

Whatever method you like best, the benefit of these old-fashioned hair tips is the time you save in the  morning. By enhancing volume overnight, all you need to worry about is how you want to wear it.

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12 Responses to “Four Hair Techniques for Overnight Curls and Waves”
  1. marsha Says:

    what i do is when my hairis almost dry i put it up in two princess leah twist buns. In the morning when u take it out ur done the easiest thing in the world btw prob works better with longer hair idk if its possible to put short hair up like that try it! Ull be surprised try puttung some spray wax on that too gives it some texture nd hold without the crunch

  2. daisy Says:

    usually i just plait my hair in say 6 plaits. then i tie them into a bun. by the morning its curly. et voila:)

  3. Marianne Says:

    After a shower I put a little mousse in the ends. I braid my hair in different size of braids.. this gives it a more textured look. I try to start the braids close to my scalp to get a more volume. I secure the ends with small plastic elastics. When I wake up, i take the braids out and put a mist of hair spray in! Then I play with it until I think it is perfect!
    ~hope it helps

  4. JOanne Says:

    I sometimes put it up like you would a pony tail. Thene I make it in to a bun. Then tuck the loose end into the elastic. In the morning, you will have perfect full curls~ got it from a youtube video! look it up under~~ beach wave (=

  5. shayanna Says:

    hey my curls work!!!!!! im only 11 years old.

  6. Toni Says:

    hi shayanna im the same age how do you do iy

  7. Brianna Says:

    Does it work on stick straight hair?? I’m twelve and I’ve tried curling it even with a TON of Hairspray and it only stays curled for like, a couple of hours.

  8. Brianna Says:

    Does it work on stick straight hair?? I\’m twelve and I\’ve tried curling it even with a TON of Hairspray and it only stays curled for like, a couple of hours.

  9. that chick with cool hair Says:

    get in the shower, wash hair, towel dry it a bit.
    toss in some gel, mousse , or other scrunchy type of product.
    put hair into cornrow braids .
    ~beauty sleep~
    Wake up, hair should still be wet, take out braids add some more scrunching products.

  10. Mekenna Says:

    Look up sock bun on YouTube–literally saved my life. An adorable style AND a great way for no-heat curls. :D

  11. Julia89 Says:

    This video tutorial also shows a trick to keep your curls overnight:

  12. Livi Says:

    Hey Brianna, I have pretty straight hair (people ask me if I straighten it), and twisting four plaits into buns always works for me. I have really nice curls all through the next day, and if I skip washing, I have pretty waves the day after. :)

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