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August 6, 2013 by VernonEElwell  
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Many things that make your hair is damaged, but also many things you can do to overcome them.

Hair shiny, bouncy, healthy – is every woman’s best beauty asset. However, although the crown appreciate this, we are forced to face various kinds of torture. Hair dryers, hair straighteners, hair coloring or bleaching, chemical hair straightener, and a tight ponytail ties can cause hair to become dry, scorched and not able to maintain the arrangement. Hair expert, John Gray, author of The World of Hair, explaining that all this rough handling can peel the protective outer layer of your hair – layers of “F” – which ultimately weakens the cortex or core of the hair shaft portion. Ouch!

Although creepy, just by slightly changing the routine treatment, damaged hair you can look and feel healthy, and prevent damage in the future. “Hair care technology has undergone a lot of progress,” says Pantene senior scientist, Jeni Thomas. “You still can color your hair, use the setup tool or spend time in the sun, while still having a good hair – as long as you take the proper steps to protect it.”

Here’s how to fix your damaged hair from the four main types of destroyers.

Excessive treatment

If you paint or lighten hair color, choose a color that is not too different from the natural color will not be too damaging when compared with changing the color from dark brown to blonde – or vice versa. When coloring hair at home with a permanent or semi-permanent color, focus to the root so you do not need to be repeated coloring hair ends.

Be careful to not let the colored hair exposed to chemical hair straightening or permanent reeling. If you like the results obtained from chemical hair straightener, convey to the hairdresser to use a more gentle process that improves the texture of your hair – making it look soft, shiny, and more manageable, not straight.

Use shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair. Treatment with chemicals to change the structure of hair and these products contain ingredients, such as polymers, which reinforces this new structure.

Heat Damage

Highest temperature straightener tools, tool reeling, and hair dryers can actually exceed the boiling point. The temperature can destroy your crown! Therefore, use a heat protectant hair spray and use a hair dryer on the lowest temperature that lets you get the desired results and maintain healthy hair. Do not use a dryer when the hair is still dripping wet; allow up to two-thirds dry or press with a towel to absorb excess moisture. When using a hair straightener, continue to move the tool. Try to keep only one time through each section of hair.

Find hair care products that contain the word “moisturizing (moisturizing)” or “Hydrates (hydrating)” on the label, and all this will provide the necessary fillip thirsty hair.

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