Five Ways to Remove Your Unwanted Body Hair

July 24, 2009 by Rajiv Sighamony  
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Are you frustrated with unwanted hair on your body? Follow simple and basic methods to get rid of your body hair.


Women are too concerned with sprouting hairs on their body.

It is embarrassing for a woman to see unwanted hair on her arms, or under her arms. She turns uncomfortable at the very sight of hair on any of those places.

What would a woman do if she finds plenty of unwanted sprouting hair on her face?

Would she leave her hair to be seen by others, or remove those hair and feel better?

A young woman would rather like to see unwanted hair out of her body.

Fortunately, the methods involved to remove hair out of her body is not quite complex.

 A professional beautician would certainly make the entire process satisfying.

Here are five ways to remove your unwanted body hair.

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  • Waxing is perhaps the best way to remove hair out of your body. Hair on your legs and arms could be removed easily but you may have to bring upon yourself lots of pain. Never apply wax on your face, as waxing is used to remove rough hair. Hair on faces are normally soft. Never apply wax when it is too hot, a little warm wax is better as it grasp your skin hair. Pull the entire wax in a single jerk; doing so would cause less pain.
  • Shaving could also help you get rid of your unwanted hair. Though, shaving is probably the easiest of the ways to remove body hair, still the process involves few risks to your body. As contrary to men, woman should avoid using razor on their faces. Shaving should be done only on legs. The biggest disadvantage when you do shaving is that it makes your skin rough. Still, if you like to continue with the process, then you need to wash your legs, rub the shaving cream over the select area. Take a shaving brush and move over your legs. Continue the process till a rich lather is formed. Slid the razor across your leg, repeat the process twice and wash your legs. Put a lotion around your legs to make your legs smooth.
  • The use of a hair remover cream could be a good alternative to remove unwanted hair from your body. The best part about using these hair remover creams is two fold.

 A)  Removes your body hair without causing much pains whatsoever,

 B)  The creams could be applied to any part of your body.

       Avoid using hair remover creams on your face.

  • Plucking or twee-zing. The best method possibly to remove hair from your face. Though, the process is relatively slower in comparison to other methods, still women like it because it can be done without a professional help, sitting on a couch at your home.
  • Threading is a popular process as it is also one of the best methods to remove hair from your eyebrow or your forehead. A thread is used in this process to remove hair from your eyebrow. You should take the help of a professional beautician to implement this process.

If you are embarrassed by your unwanted body hair, try out the above processes and get rid of your unwanted hair.

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  1. Rajiv Sighamony Says:

    Beware, never treat your facial hair as your body hair.

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