Five Hair Care Myths

July 14, 2011 by PenNameNone  
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Believe that the constant trimming of the hair makes it grow faster, and expensive enough to get rid of split juukseotsadest salon product? Read and learn how to better sell them to properly take care of your hair.

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1st If a bald head with, grow your hair back tight and healthy

After all, you can try if it does not extract too dramatic, but the truth is that the hair grows back in exactly the same way as previous years. This is the nature of your hair growth depends on genes and start from scratch it does not change.

2nd The hair will grow faster than the constant limit of hair.

Hair help get rid of the divided cutting hair, but it does not affect hair growth. Cut or not, hair will grow again at the same speed. However, the fastest in the summer and winter, a slower pace – in the winter all the processes in the body tend to slow down a bit.

3rd What is the most expensive products to use, the better the results

Unfortunately, it is also true. We all fall victim to advertising at some point and buy shampoo, spices, creams, masks and serums that promise to do wonders for our hair. Most of these products, however, is useless or even harmful to your hair – it is sufficient to read the ingredients. In each of these is a chemical compound, which is hard to read. It is best to use only home-made or natural hair care products.

4th Should not wash your hair every day

In fact, if your hair is already oily, there’s no reason why you should not wash them. Wash your hair every day but should be used for a leaner and natural shampoo. Dry hair should be washed frequently, however, an hour before washing the hair before washing moisturizing hair mask do.

5th Gray hair plucking causes them to grow more

The truth is that if the hair is starting to go gray, it is not something you can do against it. If you really disliked the gray hairs are, you will always be hair coloring – but it should do fairly regularly, because someone has never adorned the gray roots.

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