Females a Guide to Shave Your Mons:

March 4, 2011 by HoneyWrights  
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The steps to shave your mons.

How to shave the Mons (the pubic hair below the female belly button) and further down are the labia majora (lips)

Women need to know how to properly shave this area and also the correct name of this location on their bodies.

I love a clean bald Mons and I even thought about getting a tattoo with the initials Mmmm.

It’s been good to me so I think its needs a name too.

If you want to shave your mons the first thing you need to do is trim the hair with a pair of good clean scissors. Take your time and don’t rush. I used to have my boy friend do this for me and it actually gave us quality time and bought us closer together.

Trim as close as you can get to your skin without hurting or pulling your hair. The more hair you get off the mons the better results you will get.

My Boyfriend and I at this point would take a nice hot shower together.

You can either take a bath or a shower or wash up good. You would like to your skin to be soft and smooth and clean.

Once your mons is soften and clean then dry off and apply some type of shaving cream or gel this will ease up on getting little bumps on the mons. Apply a thick amount and make sure the entire area is covered with the shaving gel.

It’s also making it easier to shave this area. My boy friend used to pour the shaving cream or gel all over my mons and smile.

I would lay down on the bed with a towel under me and he would begin the task of shaving my mons and the whole time he would say mmmm.

Now you can do it either way what every works best for you; If you are doing it by your can stand in front of mirror naked and shave yourself but take your time.

A smooth soft mons will shave better if you follow these steps.

 I tried disposable razors before but I suggest that if you chose to use razors make sure they are clean and use them for retouches.

On the other hand if you find a razor that has multiple blades or some type of pivot head razor. Once again if you have a boyfriend or partner ask them to help.

Once again I suggest this because it helps give the two of you quality time together.

I really like to always have a nice clean and close shave.

I tend to take short strokes when I am shaving my mons. Some people think long stroked is better. I am on the fatty side of the weight chart.

I think short strokes get more off the mons and you do not need to repeat the steps if you slowly firmly shave your mons with short strokes.

I hate to have to repeat and I really hate to have little bumps on my mons.

I normally use baby wipes to clean up the residue after I shave: Make sure you do not rub this area. It’s still tender.  

My boyfriend and I then use to get baby oil and rub all over this area. You can rub baby oil all over this area or any lotion that is not scented.

This is my guide line on how I shave my mons.  I normal wash my equipment off when done and I also make sure the equipment is dried and stored in its own container.

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