Effects of Saltwater on Hair

April 27, 2012 by akram saqib  
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Salt water is a mixed blessing. It cast bad as well as good effects on hair.

Saltwater has an effect on the hair. Salt is used in pools to keep water sterilized and kill the harmful germs. For this purpose chlorine is added to the pool which in turn produces sodium and chloride or salt in the end. This salt is sometimes considered harmful for skin and hair and sometimes it is just ignored. Many people do not know the effects of salt water on hair although they experience it often. Then there is sea water which is a not only mixture of salts but salt in itself. It has its own effects on skin and hair. Dryness and weathering are two major harms done by saltwater to hair.

Salt water is a mixed blessing. It cast bad as well as good effects on hair. The effects of salt water on hair are different according to the types of the hair. There are some types for example thin hair which gets texture from the saltwater but the thick and curly hair are spoiled and damaged by the salt water. Thin hair, thick hair, Curly oily and dry hair are a few types of hair which arte effected differently from the salt water.

 There are some bad effects of salt water on the hair. The first of them is the dryness. If you repeatedly go into salt water and do not rinse or clean your hair, dryness would be produced in the hair. The hair may lose elasticity strength and shine if you do not take care of the dryness.
The solution to this problem lies in using the conditioner and such other things before going to pool or sea. All kind of oils that are applied on the hair are recommended for preventing the dryness and coconut oil is the special prevention of this problem.

The salt water is not harmful for all kinds of hair. Salt water is considered a source of styling the hair. Thin hair that needs volume is styled with the saltwater easily. Salt gives texture to such hair. Rumple your hair with your hands after getting saltwater on it to dry. Hair will appear thicker than normal with some waves and with turn heads.   As sun, wind, heat and cold effects hair salt water is also a source of hair weathering. It breaks and frays the hair. Conditioning and combing with care are the remedies to avoid the harms done by the weathering with salt water.

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