Dos and Don’ts of Hair Coloring

January 28, 2010 by Sourav  
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Hair coloring is quite fashionable these days. It can certainly change your look and personality. With that it changes other people’s attitude towards you. Many people color their hair to hide the gray hair too. Though hair coloring makes you attractive but before you do that should know the dos and don’ts of coloring hair.

The coloring stuff that are mainly available for hair are-

  • Temporary colorants - If you want to color your hair for a special occasion then temporary colorant is fine. Because temporary colorant doesn’t last for a longer period of time. The thin layer of this fades out quickly. Also it is not a good idea to put temporary colorant on dark hair. For the light colored hair it’s a good choice.
  • Semi-permanent colorants - This remains for longer period of time. If you color hair with semi-permanent colorants, usually it lasts for four weeks. Of course this depends on the frequency of washing. Though the color changes with every wash a little but it is not that noticeable. Good thing is that semi-permanent hair colorants are safest for the hair.
  • Permanent colorants - It contents strong oxidizers that can be bad for health. Many experts say because of the strong oxidizers permanent colorants can damage your hair. Though it can give you any effect that you need but can have a bad impact on your health.
  • Lightening - Lightening means are used to discoloring dark hair before using lightest colorants. It is good when changing hair color from dark to light one according to your personality but remember it should only handle by the professionals.

Tips For Hair Coloring:


  • Color shade should be chosen in way that it complements your skin tone and eyes.
  • Use shampoo that’s made for hair color. This will keep your hair soft and won’t damage the coloring.
  • If you have chlorine in your water, hair color may fade out. The water must be chlorine free.
  • Allow color to stay at least for 45 minutes. The longer you allow hair color to stay better will be the result.
  • Don’t color too often as it may damage your hair.
  • Use shampoos with that contain UV filters. This will protect your hair and prevent fade out.
  • Don’t be hurry. Coloring hair takes time. It’s crucial to allow the proper amount of time for each step.

Hair coloring is not hard to do. Of course you can do it at home. But it is advisable to handle it only by professional hairdresser or stylist. Consult your professional hairstylist before coloring your hair.

For hair care check out the benefits of coconut milk for hair.

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