Does Pantene Make Your Hair Fall Out? And Other Pantene Questions Answered

August 31, 2010 by Jennifer Belleau  
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Many stylists will tell you to stay away from Pantene. But is it actually so bad for your hair? I try my best to answer your questions, as an unbiased consumer.

Have I tried Pantene? Yes.  Did I like it? Not really.  Did it make my hair fall out? NO!

Pantene is not the best shampoo out there, although its sales are excellent, so I assume it works very well for some people.  Certain ingredients in Pantene shampoo are great for certain types of hair.  Silicones, for example, feel great for frizzy hair, but can feel like “wax” on fine or straight hair that’s already smooth.  Pantene recently came out with an entirely new line, with shampoo and conditioner formulated for specific hair types.  This could change the “waxy” problem.  However, I tried their “fine hair” line, and I do have fine hair, and I noticed neither volume nor softness.  Having said that, I only used the shampoo once, and it usually takes a longer time to see any sort of difference.

One Pantene product that I absolutely love is the Time Renewals deep conditioning masque (white tub with a black lid, a green ribbon banner around it).  When my hair feels damaged, this works excellently.

So why is there a rumor that Pantene makes hair fall out?  First of all, it’s possible that it did make someone’s hair fall out–everyone’s hair is different.  Some people even experienced hair fall with the natural Aveeno shampoos, but it doesn’t mean that they “make people’s hair fall out”.  Just that for certain people, a shampoo might not be right for them.  Pantene does contain silicones and sometimes sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a cleansing agent that can strip hair of its natural oils (sodium laureth sulfate is always better).  However, Pantene is not something you need to avoid like the plague.  Buy a bottle or two at a place like CVS, which is easy with returns.  If you use it once and hate it, you can return it, guilt-free.

This article explains reasons why Pantene might actually be great for your hair.  The author makes some great points. She explains that because Pantene has been around for so long and the company has access to tons of research money, there is basically no way that they could have created a nightmarish shampoo and left it that way.  They can afford to make a good one.

Of course, stylists will say Pantene sucks–they want you to buy stuff at the salon!  I’ve had a stylist tell me not to use any sort of drugstore hair dye, even though tons of women swear by Revlon Colorsilk and have been using it their whole lives.  He even said professional quality hair dye, like Miss Clairol or Satin, was dangerous for my hair because I wasn’t a “professional”.  The point is, he was just trying to make more cash (needless to say I was tempted not to tip him).  Some of the best hair products are cheap–the Suave professionals line, for example, is amazing.  I love the Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner, and it only cost something like $3.  Do not listen to your stylist about the ingredients in products.  They are trained to say “professional only”, but in reality, so many of us can’t afford to buy Kerastase every month. 

So for real, ignore the stylist.  But of course, Pantene might not suit your hair and it’s best that you know that.  So try it out, see how it goes, and if you hate it, put it back on the shelf.  No person is 100% good or evil, and the same goes with hair products.

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2 Responses to “Does Pantene Make Your Hair Fall Out? And Other Pantene Questions Answered”
  1. KarmaDexter Says:

    Pantene\’s frizzy to smooth for medium to thick hair is the worst shampoo i have ever used. it makes my hair fall out so much, i literally pull out hand fullls of hair everytime i was it. and first i thought i was my health, but i know its she shampoo. i will never use it again, nor will i ever go near another pantene product. I\”m latina so i naturally have really thick hair, but due to this shampoo, i have less hair than most caucasian girls, thin and lifeless . stay away.

  2. PanteneRejected Says:

    Pantene definitely has a broad range of shampoos for different hair types. While many people have had success with using this brand, I have found that there are certain formulas that actually do cause my hair to fall out…not just in small amounts but in large drain clogging clumps with each wash. My aunt is a stylist so over the years I have learned that there are certain formulas to stick with for my oily super fine hair. When I was younger, I swore by Paul Mitchell. Now that I have kids and a more strict budget, I tend to buy what I can save money on. That said, however, the damage treatments by Pantene have not caused me problems and make my hair feel luxurious. Unfortunately, I’m still on the hunt for a shampoo and have been through several. Mane & Tail works well so far, but the conditioner is really thick, so I steer clear. For conditioner, I use Suave Professionals for oily hair. I’ve given up on anything that claims to add body. A simple change in hair cuts can do that without piling on layers of styling products.

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