Do You Color Your Hair?

June 27, 2013 by A Bromley  
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Why do you want to hide the gray, color your hair, change the natural beauty of your being? A lot of folks do, both young and old. Do you color your hair?

I know a lot of people who color their hair, both the young, middle aged and the elderly, even the very old.  Some of the young ones I kind of worry about, like maybe they are colorblind or never learned their colors in kindergarten when I see them with purple, green, blue, pink, Day-Glo orange, flaming scarlet, sky blue or deep sea turquoise and other various colored hair or a combination thereof.  It isn’t very attractive and anything but natural.  Dyeing your hair to match the color of your crocs or sneakers isn’t really all that “cool.”  Save it for the clowns.  You really are beautiful just the way you are.

Then there are those folks who have finally made it to their 40’s and beyond, men and women alike, one is just as bad as the other, the minute they see a few gray hairs they make a mad dash for the bottle of hair dye.  Life is starting to bog them down a bit, old age is creeping up on them and no one really looks forward to growing old, not really.  It is pretty obvious that old is not really golden, at least for most of us.

The whole concept seems to be that if you can keep from looking old, or older, you won’t be old.  Well, that is fallacy because we are all growing older every day, like it or not and barring some unforeseen or untimely circumstance you are going to be old one of these days and a bottle of hair dye isn’t going to stop it from happening. 

It happens to the best of us and the rest of us in the very same way, one day at a time.  I see people in their 70’s, 80’s and even in their 90’s who are still dyeing their hair or what they have left of it in an attempt to look as youthful as they did in their 20’s or 30’s.  I’m sorry but it just ain’t happening.  You are still old, like it or not.

I’m all for staying fit, making an effort to stay healthy, eating right, getting enough exercise, fresh air, water, rest.  It is these things that help us to age gracefully.  Trying to be and look like that which we are not is living in a world of pretend; a child’s game, like playing “movie stars.”  It is being that which we are not and being unaccepting of life and the reality of living.  We all age and with age come the good and better things along with those trials and challenges we all must face.  Hair dye will never change the fact you are 50 and not 15.  There is nothing wrong with a few gray hairs or a whole head full of them.  You’ve earned every one of them.

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