Do Men Prefer Blondes or Brunettes?

September 8, 2010 by Jennifer Belleau  
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This is a question that people have pondered for a long time…and here are some possible answers.

Although hair color is something we’re born with, we’re able to change it very easily, which means hair color becomes more of a fashion statement, subject to change, than a natural part of onesself.  However, because of this, we often find many women sporting the same hair color to go after a particular “trend” whether or not it looks good on them.  Sometimes, they are doing this for fashion, and other times they are doing this to try and fit into whatever they believe men find most attractive at that given time.

Men are all different, of course.  I’ve met some guys who love blondes and others who love brunettes–and let’s not forget the guys who love redheads.  I know one guy who says he could hook up with a blonde, but would really only date a brunette.  Another guy I know says he loves unnaturally bleached blonde hair, and he especially loves when it looks “fried” at the ends.  I know a guy who says dark red hair is the sexiest, and even though it’s rarely natural, it always implies some sort of seductive nature about the woman.  One man says he likes all hair colors as long as the woman’s hair is close to her natural color and not something radically different.  Another guy loves short, crazy-colored hair (like pink or blue) because it shows off originality.  Because every guy is different, there is no one answer.

In the meantime, most hair color polls have most guys preferring brunettes.  However, one guy in one of these polls mentioned that he began to like brunettes in the ’90s when blondes were all over the place.  He said that men didn’t like to be “told what they liked” and that too many overexposed blondes in the media pushed him toward brunettes.  Right now, there are a lot of very deep, dark brunettes in the magazines, like Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian.  I wouldn’t be surprised if blonde became all the rage in five years.  Guys can change their mind much the way fashion changes.  Because what is hair color if not a statement of fashion?

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Kim Kardashian’s espresso hair is all the rage these days–but it wouldn’t have been considered as striking in 1992.

However, it is important to remember that a hair color doesn’t always look good on someone, even if it is in style.  Many people have dyed their hair blonde in order to fit in with a blonde standard of beauty in the ’90s and early 2000s, but many of these people couldn’t pull it off, because of their dark complexions or naturally brunette eyebrows.  They probably should have picked a different blonde.  Here is an article on finding the right blonde for you:

And here is an article on how to pick the right hair color for your coloring and style:

Here is an article on how to dye your hair bright red:

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2 Responses to “Do Men Prefer Blondes or Brunettes?”
  1. pandabear Says:

    Nice article. I would have to say blonde!

  2. anon Says:

    I think sometimes it is the sterotypes that go with each thing that men prefer: whatevr feeds their fantasies instead of the reality. I when people bleach their haird blonde, it usually emphasises the yellowness, paleness or pinkness in people’s skin tones and makes their complexions look an unnatural colour. The hair itself is often unnaturally unhealthy lacklustre and stiff. I have dark hair and olive skin, for this reason I am happy with what God gave me and would never, ever die my hair blonde.

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