Decorate Bobby Pins for Stylish Hair Ornaments

March 26, 2009 by writecorner  
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Decorative bobby pins can add a touch of glamor or whimsy to almost any hairstyle. You can design your own using a few simple craft items and a little imagination.

Creating unique hairpins that match your outfit or your personal style is easy and fun. With a little glue and a few unique ornaments, you can design unique hair ornaments perfect for a night on the town or a day on the go — whatever you want or need for your hairstyle.

Mini Sea Shells

Novelty sea shells come in miniature forms, available in craft supply sections or souvenir shops. Daub a little glue on the head of a bobby pin and add a tiny shell for a beautiful little ornament. Sprinkle glitter around the glue and shell for an extra-special touch.

Other tiny seascape ornaments include miniature starfish or shell “flowers”. Bigger ornaments can be glued to large bobby pins and slipped into a hair knot or elegant twist for a striking effect.

Glittery Beads

Small and medium-sized beads come in all shapes, colors and styles, so there’s something for everyone. Choose your favorite look, whether playful glittery craft beads or more sophisticated glass ones. Attach them to the top with a daub of glue (and a little glitter if you like). Tiny ornamental beads, like fish-shaped ones or flowers, look perfect tucked into your hairstyle.

Striking Sequins and Rhinestones

For elegance or a night on the town, try gluing a sequin or a small rhinestone to the top of a bobby pin. Tiny pearl beads, including seed beads, can look elegant interspersed through a stylish up-do.

Fun Flowers

Tiny artificial flowers, whether simple bud roses or elaborate orchid blossoms, make beautiful ornaments. Add a little glue and a dusting of glitter across the petals or glue a small bead or sequin to the center for a little flash or sparkle.

With a little glue and some inspiration, you can turn bobby pins into stylish ornaments for any occasion or just for fun. Your creations add a unique and personal touch to any formal or casual look.

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