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For women sebagain hair is a crown, which certainly takes all care, and this time the LBC will share articles on how to care for natural hair care rusah with, and we quote from this article merdeka.com who have shared a bunch of ways to treat hair rusah natural way.


Here is a natural treatment that can restore hair health, as reported by Boldsky.

1. Hot oil massage

Massage the scalp and hair with castor oil. This could increase the volume of hair and scalp relaxes tense muscles. Perform this treatment twice a week, to restore hair health.

2. Coconut and lime

Mix the coconut milk and lime juice in a small container. Massage the scalp with this traditional herb or hair soak in the container. Then wrap your hair with a hot towel and let stand for one hour. Do this treatment regularly 3 times a week for one month.

3. Milk

Put the milk and water into a spray bottle and spray this concoction former from hair root to tip. Then comb hair gently and let it dry. Next, rinse the hair thoroughly. Eits .. Do not forget to use a quality shampoo conditioner dna good yes.

4. Olive oil and egg

Put 3 eggs into a bowl with the olive oil 100ml. Stir the ingredients until smooth and use as a natural hair mask. Apply the mask on your hair and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly and lost egg smell.

Mutually hairstyle should anyway, as long as not too often. Chemicals cause a variety of hair problems, chiefly loss. In addition to chemical products, hair also needs nutrients from food. Remember! Healthy foods make your hair more shiny and fresh.

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If you have problems with hair, whether branched, dandruff, or loss, must be caused by something. You may wonder what causes hair to become damaged when it was doing hair treatments. For that, you should first find out the cause in order to take the appropriate solution.

“Hair has three parts, namely fiber, outer skin, and the epidermis or outer skin to protect your hair. Every month, hair grows one-quarter inch and continue to grow up to six years. Then experience the natural hair cycle, causing hair loss and grow into new hair, “says Paradi Mirmirani, MD, as a staff dermatologist at the Permanente Medical Group in Vallejo, California.

Health ‘crown’ also depends on how you do the treatment, including styling or how the arrangement. “If your hair cuticle damaged by overstyling, then the affected part can cause dryness, not shiny, and stiff,” explained Mirmirani, quoted by WebMD.

For that, it’s worth listening seven causes of hair damage in order to avoid things that could damage your crown it.

1. Bleaching
“Bleaching contain chemicals that can eliminate your hair’s natural pigment. In addition, the use of bleaching medications can alter the structure of hair and more prone to damage, “said Mirmirani. Whitening or bleaching hair can cause hair dull and ends on the damage sustained. So, consider when you want to dye your hair back using bleaching.

2. Perming hair
Mirmirani explained that curly hair is one trigger hair damage. Perming can make the hair becomes dull, brittle, and dry. Therefore, in order to avoid curling health ‘crown’ you stay awake.

3. Highlights and Coloring
Many women who want to look fashionable with their hair highlights. Although staining highlights only temporary, but it has risks that could alter the structure of hair. Coloration like this can lead to the appearance you become lethargic and not neglected, especially if you frequent hair coloring to hide damaged hair or gray hair.

4. Vise and Blow
“Heat can cause temporary damage due to hydrogen which protects hair changes,” said Mirmirani. But over time, while the damage will be permanent if you always blow or mencatok hair before the move.

5. Often Tying and Hair Braiding
Mirmirani say if you are binding and can damage resistance braid hair, especially if you apply it every day. Not to mention if you are tying or braiding hair when wet, it can cause damage quickly because wet hair is easier fragile.

6. Rubbed it be Excessively
Do not rub excessively if you do not want hair to become brittle and fall out. In addition, wash your hair with harsh and rough techniques can make hair tangled and irregular.

7. Extension
Many women who do hair extensions or connect them to become long. Almost the same as the binding and braiding, hair diekstensi be easily fragile. In fact, hair can become a serious problem when using extension methods in a long time.

How to Overcome

To cope with damaged hair, Mirmirani suggest that you cut the hair tip branching and start reducing styling hair back to normal.

“Consider again the product you want to use before styling, the better the product is not heat your hair,” said Larry Baron, founder and head stylist Christine in Boston Spa. Baron also says that you should immediately cut off the damaged hair that grow healthy.

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