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July 25, 2013 by marina souza  
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Marriage is a special day, so all the people will definitely crave for a wedding that will be remembered for life.

Here I will give you some small tips about hairstyles to make our wedding look perfectly.

1. Garden Party
If we get married using a garden party as essentially, of course we have to keep the winds blew and might later interfere with our hairdo. So should we coiled hair backward and display order of the waves that stand behind, this hairstyle so we can be strong and sturdy if there is a wedding party later in the blowing wind. If you have short hair shoulder length, maybe you just need to add hair oil for your hair looks a little stiff, so you do not have to worry if there will be a party when the wind is blowing.

Cover of A Special Day

2. The great room
Big wedding party will certainly require a big place, so if we get married in the great room should we let our hair disheveled free. In this way the beauty of our hair will look and we can show the charm of our best in a wedding party.

3. Hall / enclosed public place
Make the most of the public as a marriage party, in these circumstances of course we have to keep our appearance to something that maybe we did not know would happen. Therefore, it would be helpful to wear a simple dress and little use of head coverings such as hats, or hair tie so that we can anticipate if something happens with our appearance later

It was just a little out of my tips, hopefully useful to you all.

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