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January 29, 2010 by alensmith  
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Curly Short Haircut that gives a women a sexy look, This haircut are only suitable for long texture hairs and can suit on most of the faces.

Curly Short Haircut that gives a women a sexy look, This haircut is only suitable for long texture hairs and can suit on most of the faces.Well this haircut is not for a person who has a busy life due to the more maintenance requirement.

Its completely different from straight hairs. Its looks is more different and its requirement are differ from straight haircut. Same as short cuts of any other hairstyles, Its makes a appearance. Keeping curly hair a different approach.

And it’s not because of fashion alone that you want to look at this haircut in a different way.There are only needs of  thing you need to know at the very outset – the right haircut and the care that your curly hair, really needs to retain its appearance.

Image by OliverAlex via Flickr

most of the people in today’s world will choose to work with the face given by god. That’s where hair styles come in, after all. For women hair is the first accessory to her which makes her look beautifully and gorgeous.

Your friends will amazed to see your new look of curly short haircut.just look at the photo given bellow to get a feel of it.

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45 Responses to “Curly Short Haircut”
  1. 8Shei8 Says:

    I love the picture of the man with different hairstyles. That is classic and made me laugh. Thank you. I personally know for the fact I do not look cute with curly short hair :)

  2. csr20008 Says:

    Very informative article ! Thanks for sharing.

  3. alensmith Says:

    thanks all of you for ur great comment

  4. albert1jemi Says:

    great information on hair

  5. alensmith Says:

    if any one want to add more info which you have them please leave in comment if its upto mark,we will happy to add in my content

  6. alensmith Says:

    albert do you have curly hair

  7. Atanacio Says:

    good post and the pic from Yes Dear– always had a crush on her LOL thanks for the share

  8. yes me Says:

    Well, longish wavy to curly, but controlled, dyed, blonde and yes we do have more fun he he…. I have my hair done every six weeks last time it was short? 1970 a bad hair year ha ha.
    Great bit for them that look good short me I’m afraid I don’t suit short even at 56.

  9. joyhyena29 Says:

    nice post^^

  10. richardpeeej Says:

    Very interesting write up, hair styles make such a difference

  11. Judy Kaelin Says:

    Hi, The photo’s of the guy with the different hair styles is right on! Nice article.

  12. Anuradha Ramkumar Says:

    Gr8 article. The picture of the guy with different hair styles go well with the article.

  13. MCA Says:

    good information on hair

  14. ChrisFernaM Says:

    hahaha my hair is like the 2nd one in the 2nd row.. the long hair.. except i dont have it that long.. wow nice share founded this very interesting and funny at same time =)

  15. The Soul Explorer Says:


  16. Tina Cassello Says:

    I like the pictures of the man with the different styles too but i wish you had told us how to get or care for a curly short haircut instead of just saying it takes special care. My hair will not hold a curl very long unless I get a permanent but I have given up on curling my hair. The men in my life prefer for me to be natural and I have learned to be content to be what God made me, a lovely brunette with straight hair.

  17. Midie Says:

    I think that guy would looked best if he take the 7th hair style. Nice set of pictures, love them.

  18. AussieSheila Says:

    Nice one!
    I like having my hair short, but it’s not curly – it’s wavy.

  19. lillyrose Says:

    Great post! I have curly hair but straighten because I don’t like it.

  20. Mushtaq Says:

    Thats a nice article and nice funny pictures

  21. wendym Says:

    Good information. I laughed at the first pictures.

  22. qasimdharamsy Says:

    Nice post….great…

  23. giftarist Says:

    Good post, nice pics – that made me chuckle. :D

  24. Jane Jane Says:

    I got straight hair and it’s long.

  25. mkd1788 Says:

    women seems beautiful in short hair…pretty

  26. Neva Flores Says:

    I love my long hair….as I age I know I may have to rid myself of it but for now, I hold on……wonderful article!

  27. alensmith Says:

    thanks neva for your valuable reply on this post

  28. alensmith Says:

    i agree with you mkd1788.

  29. Dark Antirex Says:

    yes, great article.

  30. Starpisces Says:

    very interesting article here..
    Though my face shape suits most hairstyle, but I still prefer straight slightly below shoulder hair, easier to manage for me, moreover, if short curly hair, my itchy fingers will always play with the hair… heehee.

  31. VTech Says:

    Nice one , Thanks for sharing

    What you think about it ?

  32. Inna Tysoe Says:

    I think it depends on your face. Short hair is probably not as good for people with round faces (because you want to decrease the volume of hair around your face) and work best for people with more oval faces.

    Anyway, that seems to be the way it works for me :)

    Thanks for the write ,


  33. Shirley Shuler Says:

    I love the photo’s of the guy with different hair styles, it made me smile.

  34. Videomark Says:

    Guy #6 reminds me of when I wake up in the morning.

  35. sambhafusia Says:

    i love to have long hair…nice share.

  36. cobaltinee Says:

    I like simple haircuts like bob cut.

  37. deep blue Says:

    Nice hair tips. Well affixed images.

  38. alensmith Says:

    thanks all of you for your valuable comment.

  39. alensmith Says:

    thats looks nice cobaltinee

  40. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Interesting information, some women do look good with short curly hair.

  41. Atso Says:

    great work

  42. alensmith Says:

    thanks all of you for your valuable comment in haircut.if you have any other haircut then let us know

  43. Intuitive Says:

    the guy looks scary, but the girl is cute with curly hair. good post.

  44. alensmith Says:

    hmm you are right intutive. good curly hair

  45. Cynthia Cox Says:

    I loved the article on curly hair. I have natural curly hair that is kinky more than anything. It’s an untamed mess but your article brings enlightenment to how much women can fret over our hair more than we should. The pictures of the guys just cracked me up. Nice job.

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