Craze for Fairer Skin

June 20, 2013 by MaimoonaW  
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For all the crazy women out there who wish to change their skin colours!

in today’s fast pace world, everyone wants to win the race whether it is the race for money, power, job or even skin colour for that matter. Nowadays every women in Pakistan dreams to have the most fairest colour, free from pimples,freckles, dark spots,blemishes and God knows what..and to fulfil their this craze for white and bright skin many creams have been introduced in the market. Thanks to the famous brands we have pouring in! the so call “formula creams” made by mixing five or six creams together and later applying them on skin daily at night have been the source of hope for most females to make their skin look younger and fairer. they spend thousands and thousands of rupees to somehow change their skin tone or better put it in this way “lighten it”.

are we this desperate to change what God has gifted us? are we in to so much complex that we can help getting ourselves out of it? 

the west is taking over on us, and we are letting it take over us, thrilled and fascinated by the glossy adds presenting the top notch models using creams and having flawless skin in just few seconds. such advertisements not only encourage the young females but older women find it hard as well from not being attracted to it. Obviously who does not want to look beautiful and be appreciated. even if the few do resist but the add is such that for once the person does think that this product is worth trying once.

and when you use those creams in few days you see drastic changes in your skin. all your skin issues are resolved no pimples, blemishes, dark spots etc all gone and you own a glowing skin … But what lays beneath the skin, what kind of reactions are taking place you are unaware of those.

most skin problems are because of using extensive creams to treat several skin problems. Avoid using them and as old people suggest drink lots of water and be grateful to what Allah has already given you. You will have a fair glowing skin without spending thousands of rupees. :)  

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