Celebrities and Glamorous Pink Hair. The Latest Pink Hair Fashions

January 4, 2012 by Courtlney  
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Have you noticed the celebrities who are sporting beautiful pink hair? Let’s take a look at some of the awesome and eye-catching glamour looks of pink hair styles.

Rihianna’s sexy look with beautiful pink hair with a reddish glow  shows how pink hair color can have a glamorous, cover girl effect.  

Natalie Portman is beautiful in any color hair.  It’s amazing how she was transformed to look so menacing in the Black Swan movie.  Here she has a sweet and innocent look with her face framed with pink hair and bangs.

The current reigning queen of pink hair, Katie Perry,  is below with Nicki Minaj, a close second.

Katie Perry brings back the glorious days of hollywood with a pink hair style that allows her gorgeous face to take center stage.

With pink hair styled with a rolled bang, Katie Perry looks ready to have fun at her sock hop.

A pink short wavy bob with side part is a natural for Katie Perry. Her cute hat adds a nice effect.

Katie Perry glows in her pink hair. You can see why pink is Katie Perry’s current choice of color.

Katie Perry’s pink hair and red lips are a true glamour shot.   Her hair accessory adds flirty color to her look.

Pink curly hair with bangs are a cute choice as Nicki Minaj shows.

Nicki Minaj shows that pink hair and pink lips can make a cute fashion statement.

Shades of red based eye make up pops with pink hair.

We can’t leave out Lady GaGa.  Here her pink hair styled with cut bangs and straight pink hair coordinates well with her white outfit.

Lady Gaga’s nude lips and gorgeous eye lashes help dramatize her pink hair.

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