Can You Do a Dip-dye Hair Color Style Without Peroxide?

October 21, 2013 by SharifaMcFarlane  
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Can You Do a Dip-Dye Hair Color Style Without Peroxide?

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Dip-dye color hair styles are fairly popular. The Ombre style is just one of these. It is sported by celebrities and people who like to follow fashion trends have been trying out this look. Women who like experimenting with color in their hair are also fans of this look.

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However there is a problem. While dip-dye styles mainly focus on bleaching the ends of the hair, not the portion closer to the root, they can still cause health problems. Most salons use peroxide to bleach hair prior to coloring.

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Peroxide can and often does damage dip-dyed hair. It is also damaging to the scalp and other areas of skin. If you want to avoid strong peroxide, you can try natural, milder agents, such as cinnamon and honey, that still lighten hair but don’t cause as much irritation. You can also use extensions that are lighter than your own natural hair color.

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