Can Dreadlocks be Kept Clean?

July 20, 2011 by lilskaterdude96  
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A short article about how most dreads are clean.

Gross, disgusting, horrifying, dreadful; these are just a few words that many people would use to describe dreadlocks. Most people think that they are anything but clean, and they might be right for some stereotypical dreadlocks but most dreads are cleaner than traditional hairstyles. You’re probably confused about how that’s possible considering all of the rumors of spiders living in people’s dreads and all that fun stuff, but with a little research you can easily see for yourself that dreadlocks can be kept clean.

Before finding out how clean dreadlocks are, first you have to realize why people think dreadlocks are dirty. Now there are dirty dreadlocks out there with mold in them and beeswax, but people only have these kinds of dreads because they were misled about the method that they should have used. You see most people will look on Google to see how to get dreadlocks and click on the first link. That first link will tell them that the easiest way to get dreadlocks is to go to a website, buy “special dreadlock wax”, backcomb their hair and put the wax in their hair every day for two months. What they don’t realize is that putting wax in your hair can cause mold to grow inside of it and many other problems. This happens to many people as a result of greedy people who would do anything to get paid. Although this method is the furthest away from clean you can get, there are better methods.

There are many other healthy methods out there, including the most popular neglect method. This method is considered very dirty by many uneducated people because you basically do nothing with your hair except for separate it to prevent it from becoming a gigantic single dread. The reason that many people consider this a dirty method is because they assume that doing nothing to it means that you don’t wash it. This is extremely wrong! Not washing your dreads can lead to dandruff, mold and many other horrible conditions just like regular hair. People that use this method or any other methods do wash their hair! The way dreads are washed is actually more cleaner that most people’s hair because dreads are not supposed to be washed with residues. Everything in dreadlock shampoo is completely natural and you can even make it yourself with a few ingredients.

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