Blangkon (Javanese Man Traditional Headdress) and Philosophy Value

September 15, 2011 by dwisuka  
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Blangkon is traditional headdress worn by Javanese man. Blangkon is not only a part of Javanese costume, but also contains philosophy values.

Blangkon is traditional headdress worn by Javanese man. It’s made from batik fabric. Blangkon actually is practical shape of iket. Iket is head cover from batik and worn by Javanese man as part of traditional Javanese costume.

There are 2 styles of blangkon generally. Jogja (Yogyakarta) style and Solo (Surakarta style).  Jogja blangkon has mondolan (a rounded form) behind, like egg. Solo blangkon has mondolan behind too, but thin.

Existence of mondolan cannot release from development of Javanese hair fashion. The Javanese men had long hair in the past time. They always rolled their hair in rounded shape behind head and bound tightly. The rounded shape of hair was mondolan. After Western influence entered Java Island, long hair was out of date. Javanese men started to have short hair. Notwithstanding Javanese men in Yogyakarta have defended the rounded shape become mondolan of blangkon as big as egg behind. Whereas Javanese men in Solo have defended the rounded shape become blangkon mondolan but thinner than Jogja blangkon.

Form of blangkon looks neat if looked from front, but not tidy if looked from behind because of existence of mondolan. It’s showed characteristic of Javanese. The Javanese always speaks and behaviors softly and carefully. The Javanese can keep secret very well. They will always try to make the others happy and pleasure. No matter if it hurts their selves. They will always smile although their heart crying. That’s why the Javanese is known familiar and friendly.

Blangkon with mondolan is also a satirical form of contradictory attitude. It’s about someone that always says yes or agree but behind other he will grumble. An employee almost always does it in front of and behind his boss.

 Mondolan at Jogja blangkon

Other ethnic groups in Indonesia also have headdress man like blangkon. Like Sundanese in part of West Java. Madura tribe in Madura Island.

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