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August 24, 2012 by Nicewriter  
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Lots of you gals make beauty mistakes and yes, making those mistakes can make you look ugly, not pretty. We all in our lives have made some beauty mistakes. Here are some of them.

Never put an excess amount of oil in your hair in the summer while sunbathing. What will happen is that the hot sun will “Bake” into the oil and ruin your hair and scalp. Oil in your hair should only be worn in the fall and winter and on cold to cool days.

Never put on too much makeup. You are likely to break out. Just use a little bit of foundation and a small amount of powder. Not only will an excess amount of makeup will make you break out, but it also makes you look cheap. So keep it low.

Don’t brush your teeth more than three times per day. You will ruin wind up getting cavities. Over brushing weakens your teeth, making you capable of getting tooth decay.

Don’t over do your face with a facial mask. Your skin will get tight and dry. Always use a thin layer and take it off with a wet washcloth, warm temp.

Never dry your legs with a towl while using Nair or some other hair removal cream. You might forget that and put that Nair infested towel on your head. Horrors! Your hair will come out in clumps!

Don’t use too much shampoo. You will wind up damaging your hair.

Don’t shampoo your hair every day if you are an adult. Daily hair washing for adult women can dry and damage your hair, and also strip your hair of natural oils.

Don’t dye your hair at home. Take your desired hair dye to a salon and have a pro. handle it.

Neversrub your face with a wash cloth. You will wind up having chafed skin. Instead, use your hands and wash in a circular motion. Your facewill love you for it.

With these tips, you can’t go wrong!

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